The aspirations that I boasted about were only dreams. KIA Tigers Adonis Medina (27) left the tiger’s den bitterly.카지노

KIA started this season in collaboration with Medina, a new face. High expectations were placed on the starting lineup consisting of Sean Anderson, Yang Hyeon-jong, Medina, and Lee Eui-ri.

Medina was a right-handed fireballer with a fast ball that exceeded 150 km/h. KIA was attracted not only to Medina’s fastball, but also to various breaking balls and stable control.

However, when I opened the lid, several problems surfaced. Medina was unable to overwhelm batters with his pitch and his command was unstable. Here, it was often seen that he seemed to be shaken psychologically in crisis. He achieved 2 quality starts in 4 games in April, but he suffered 7 runs and 5 runs in the remaining 2 games.

KIA waited for a rebound, but Medina’s jagged pitching continued. Even in May, there was no reversal, leaving an average ERA of 5.75. Medina, which showed serious ups and downs, became a problem for KIA.

He eventually lost his trust. Medina recorded 2 runs in 5 innings in the first appearance last month, but the innings digested gradually decreased. Medina, who had only thrown a total of 9⅔ innings in his last three games, was expelled from the first team entry on the 22nd of last month. Relegation to the 2nd team meant farewell. Medina did not play in the Futures League.

Medina’s constant hunting was a fatal blow to KIA. In 12 games Medina started, he only earned 4 wins. KIA, which did not enjoy the effect of foreign pitchers, fell to 9th place with a record of 30 wins, 1 draw and 38 losses. KIA, which had to draw a sword, released Medina on the 4th.

Medina, whom I met at spring camp in February, presented a goal of 15 wins and 180 innings in an interview at the time. However, Medina’s final performance in the 2023 season was 2 wins, 6 losses, an average ERA of 6.05 in 12 games, and only 58 innings were responsible. It is the result of feeling a sense of distance from grand goals. Medina exited shabby about three months after his KBO League debut.

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