At the center of women’s handball Samcheok City Hall, which won the combined championship for two consecutive years, were ‘veteran’ Kim On-ah (35) and ‘super rookie’ Kim Min-seo (19) who joined ahead of this season.

Ona Kim is the best veteran in the world of handball. She is a superstar who is familiar to the general public through a TV entertainment program (Playing Sister). The age difference between him and the youngest member of the team, Kim Min-seo, is 16 years old. However, the two strikers showed off their fantastic attacking breath and led Samcheok City Hall to win the regular season and the championship. In an interview with Dong-A Ilbo right after winning the championship match, Kim On-a said, “I also moved to Samcheok City Hall for the first time, and (Kim) Min-seo was in the first season of the Unemployment League.”

Samcheok City Hall’s prospects for this season, the ‘defending champion’, were not bright. The main players of last season’s combined championship left the team through retirement and transfer. The ‘iron wall defense’ line, which was the pride of Samcheok City Hall, was lowered, and breathing did not work well because there were many new members. Kim On-ah said, “I expected a season that was so difficult that I thought, ‘Who can we beat?’ during the training camp in Japan before the season.” I made it”, I looked back. In fact, Samcheok City Hall has transformed into an ‘attack team’ by posting an average of 28.6 points per game this season. Compared to the previous season (23.2 points per game), which won with the shield, it increased by 5.4 points per game. It is also the first time this season (602 points) since 2011 that it exceeded 600 points.

Another winning player, Kim Min-seo, led Korea to victory at the World Women’s Youth Handball Championship last year and was selected as the MVP of the tournament, drawing attention from the handball world at home and abroad. However, in the league new draft, his name was called as the 7th overall pick. His short stature (160 cm) acted as a stumbling block. However, Kim Min-seo exploded with 8 goals and 6 assists in her debut match, and showed off her skills by taking 2nd place (142 goals) in the season, 4th place (97 assists), and a whopping 67.3% shot success rate. Kim Min-seo said, “I wished I was a bit taller in middle and high school, but I thought it was a wise measure to make use of my strength, speed.” With my older sister, I was able to play as a starting pitcher as well. It was rather lucky for me to be in the lower ranks,” she laughed.안전놀이터

In the first round of the championship, the team won, but Kim Min-seo’s individual faltered. Kim Min-seo said, “I played too passively than usual in the first game,” and looked back, saying, “In the second game, the older sisters couldn’t control the opponent’s defense, so I decided, ‘Let me try to solve it more aggressively. And in the second game, he scored 11 points, the most for both teams, and won the championship MVP. Kim Min-seo also received the rookie of the year in the regular league, and since the launch of the handball league in 2011, Kim Min-seo is the first to receive the championship MVP and rookie of the year at the same time. Kim Min-seo said, “I was really embarrassed when I was called the MVP of the championship. “I didn’t expect it at all,” he said, lowering his body.

Kim On-ah also said, “It seems that synergy is created when the two of them are together. Minseo has the ability to solve when the defense is crowded with me,” he praised. In particular, Kim On-ah said, “If you equip team play as a weapon, such as quick-breaking connections and the ability to control the game to break or continue the flow, you will have the competitiveness of the adult national team two or three years later.” I was in awe.

However, Kim Min-seo calmly self-diagnosed, “My play this season is 60 points.” He said, “Like On-ah, you have to have a wide field of view and know how to solve the game. Also, (because I am short), I want to make up for shots that take away timing, such as a stand shot. For this, I will work hard with weights and will not be pushed back even in a physical fight with a big opponent.”

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