“I plan to drag Kelly as much as possible.”

The LG Twins had a tough fight against KT Wiz held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 25th and 27th. The result of the series is a losing series with 1 win and 2 losses. At least, it was comforting that they escaped from the swamp of losing streak by winning the last game of the three-game series.아톰카지노

In the 3 consecutive matches with KT, the pitcher consumption was considerable. In LG’s first game of the series, ‘Ace’ Adam Plutko threw 6 innings, and Yoo Young-chan and Ko Woo-seok each threw 1 inning to finish the game. However, on the 26th, when the match went up to 12 innings, Lim Chan-gyu (4⅓ innings) – Kim Jin-seong (⅔ innings) – Ham Deok-joo (1 inning) – Jung Woo-young (1 inning) – Baek Seung-hyun (1 inning) – Choi Dong-hwan (1 inning) – Yoo Young-chan (1⅓ innings) – A total of 8 pitchers including Ko Woo-seok (1⅓ innings) climbed the mound.

The match the day before (27th) was not much different. LG smiled as they won 9-6, but starting with starter Lee Jung-yong (4 innings), Kim Jin-seong (1 inning) – Lee Woo-chan (1 inning) – Choi Dong-hwan (⅔ innings) – Jung Woo-young (1⅓ innings) – Ham Deok-joo (1 innings). inning) and put in 6 people to tie up the KT lineup. A total of 17 LG pitchers took the mound in three games. In response, the command tower emphasized that Kelly should lead many innings.

Head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said before the game against Doosan in Jamsil on the 28th, “The starters have to play their part. The weather is hot and the fatigue of the bullpen pitchers builds up. This is the part I’m most worried about.” It is the same, even if it is hit, it has to be dragged along for the rest of the middle pitchers.

Casey Kelly’s shoulders became heavy as the pitcher consumption was extreme in the game during the week. Kelly, who has been active as a ‘long-haired ace’ wearing LG’s uniform since the 2019 season, is very disappointing this year and the month. Kelly’s performance this season is 6-6 with an average ERA of 4.65 in 19 appearances, but except for last May (4-1 with a 2.73 ERA), he has not been able to show his expected performance.

Although Kelly is seldom regaining her ‘Ace’ appearance, the command tower has shown strong trust. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop laughed and said, “Kelly has to eat innings and throw well,” and said, “I have hopes for Kelly to return to the past. I can go back to normal. I am desperate.”

There was a lot of loss in the 3 consecutive matches against KT, but it was not without income. It’s just that the team’s batting line is coming to life little by little. LG scored 1 point in the game on the 25th and 3 points on the 26th, but scored 9 points the day before (27th). Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “In fact, I should have won the day before yesterday (26th). The pitcher is not good and the feeling of hitting is not good, so I was in a situation where I couldn’t win and lost in a row, but the blow was blown up and the burden was relieved. “Anyway, the feeling of hitting went up It feels like coming, and you have to hit it to have fun playing baseball and win.”

On this day, LG brought a change to the entry. Song Chan-eui was canceled and Choi Seung-min, who was recruited through a trade, was called up. The command tower said, “I was going to play about 10 games at first, but (Moon) Seongju’s heel came up and I raised it earlier than planned.” Because there is, it will be effective even if you give it a sense of tension.”

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