Hanwha Eagles rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19)’s hat has increased one by one. The sacked Subero coach and Rosa also wrote down the numbers of the pitching coach and the base coach Kennedy. It seems to be an act of trying to keep those who have left in their hearts.

Incheon SSG on the 12th, the day after coach Subero, Kennedy, and foreign coaches all resigned. Kim Seo-hyun climbed the mound in the ninth inning with a 5-2 lead.

Kim Seo-hyun started preparing for his pitch by writing the numbers 3 (coach Subero’s uniform number) and 70 (coach Rosado’s uniform number) on the back of the mound with her fingers. Coach Subero and Rosa, who left the team, also expressed their feelings toward the coach.

The numbers 3 and 70 were also written on the side of Seohyun Kim’s hat. The number 14 written on the brim of the hat is the number of Lee Myung-gi, a veteran who suffered a leg fracture in early April.

Kim Seo-hyun got the lead hitter on base with a hit ball, but the following three batters were out-counted and kept the victory without conceding. He recorded his first save in his professional debut, but the manager and pitching coach who had taught him to take care of him since spring camp had left the team.

On the 12th, Kim Seo-hyun took the mound against SSG in Incheon. Numbers 3 and 70 are written on the hat. / Spotify relay screen.토스카지노

Against SSG Incheon on the 14th, Seohyun Kim took the mound in the bottom of the 7th when the Hanwha Eagles tied the game 2-2 in the top of the 7th. Kim Seo-hyun’s cap had Coach Kennedy’s number 88 added to it. Seohyun Kim allowed consecutive hits and walks after one out, and was on the verge of loading the bases, but Choi Ji-hoon and Choi Joo-hwan struck out consecutively and prevented them without conceding.

After winning against Daejeon Samsung on the 11th, Hanwha announced the termination of the contract with coach Subero. Coach Subero, who was appointed as the first foreign command tower for the Hanwha club in November 2021, was dismissed midway in the final year of his contract.

When coach Subero was sacked, Hanwha was on the rise with 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games, so the shock was great inside and outside the team. Hanwha also terminated contracts with foreign coaches along with coach Subero.

After finishing April at the bottom of the team, Hanwha’s leadership took the direction with the replacement of manager Subero. After two years of rebuilding, the front desk, which wants tangible results, concluded that it could not work with coach Subero, who continues to operate experimentally in the batting order and position. The direction of the club management was not right, so the manager was hardened, and the final decision was made to appoint Choi Won-ho, the 2nd team manager, as the 1st team manager. It took several days to report to the parent group and receive final approval.

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