Yewon Arts University conceded 31 goals this time. 

Yewon Arts University,스포츠토토 led by head coach Seo Jae-yeol, lost 0-31 to Daegu University in the 3rd game of Group 8 of the Baekdu Daegangi group stage of the 18th Junior College Football Tournament held at Taebaek Sports Park in Taebaek, Gangwon on the 6th. Following Gumi Daejeon (0-29 loss) on the 2nd and Ajou Daejeon (0-29 loss) on the 4th, they experienced bitterness in three consecutive games.

Yewon Arts University, which initially registered 15 players and started the competition, sent 10 players to Gumi Daejeon, the first match. Due to an injury, he was unable to function normally. In Ajou Daejeon, where 8 players started, two injured players occurred at the start of the second half, and the game was declared forfeited. According to the rules, the game cannot be played if there are less than 7 players, but the game could not be played due to lack of people. 

Daegu Daejeon was not much different. Seven players from Yewon Arts University were listed on the starting list, and they had no choice but to lose by a large margin. Due to injuries and other issues, the second half could not be played. 

Meanwhile, Andong University of Science and Chung-Ang University, Sangji University and Jangan University will play the round of 18 on the 8th. The winners of Andong University and Chung-Ang University will face Dankook University, and the winning team of Sangji University and Jangan University will face Halla University. 

In the Round of 16, Gangseo University and Yeoju University, Hannam University and Konkuk University, Daegu University and Gumi University, Honam University and Hanil University, Ajou University and Wonkwang University, and Jeonju National University and Songho University clash.

◇ 18th 1st and 2nd grade college football tournament Baekdudaegan period qualifiers Day 3 Songho University

1-0 Dongwon University
Dankook University 4-0 Jeju International University Yeoju University
2-0 Myongji University
Daegu University of the Arts 4-0 Chosun University of Technology Kangseo
University 6-1 Korea Golf University
Andong University of Science 3-0 Gangdong University
Konkuk University 3-0 Paichai
Ajou University 1-0 Gumi University Chung-Ang
University 1-0 Dongeui University Hanil Jangshin University 4-2 Gunjang University Sangji
University 6-0 Donggang University
Woosuk University 0-2 Wonkwang
University Jeonju Combat Team 1-3 Nambu University
Daegu University 31-0 Yewon College of the Arts
Halla University 4-0 Chonnam National University of Science

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