It has been confirmed that FC Barcelona’s young star Ansu Fati has no intention of leaving the club.

Party appeared on the adult stage at the young age of 16 and caused a ‘sensation’ and was recognized for its value as the world’s best prospect. Everyone involved in Barcelona expected Party to be the successor to Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain).스포츠토토

However, the party did not grow as much as he expected due to injuries, and after his appointment as coach, his competition for the starting lineup seemed to be difficult. Partey has made 33 appearances this season, but has only made 10 starts. It’s hard to say that he’s a solid starting member.

This led to rumors of a transfer. In particular, considering the situation of Barcelona under financial pressure, it was convincing. It was that Barcelona, ​​which could make a lot of money by selling parties, could actively promote the transfer. Here, it is known that agent Jorge Mendes has recently held talks with Premier League clubs, further fueling the transfer rumors.

But the party drew the line. “I have a contract with Barcelona until June 2027. I hope to stay with this team longer,” said Partey.

It is known that the reason why the party was so determined was because of what coach Xavi said about the recent transfer rumors. “He is a non-transferable player. He is very important. I have high hopes for him,” Xavi said. “We expect a lot from him. I have blind faith in him.” reassured

It is known that the transfer fee for the party will be close to 90 million pounds (approximately 141.8 billion won), but since the party has no intention of leaving, it has become a meaningless amount.

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