It was a strong wind for a wind. Hanwha failed to continue its winning streak by missing Daegu Samsung Game 1-2 on the 2nd, but its status in the overall ranking fight has changed by running 8 consecutive wins until the previous day. For Hanwha, where getting out of last place was a top priority just a few weeks ago, it is riding a trend that deserves to be raised.토토사이트

Once the winning streak, in which the morale and atmosphere of the players acted as another force, is over, we start again from the starting point. As a result, Hanwha’s future race is expected to move according to the reality of its current power. However, it is not easy to objectively check the current power level and set the expected win rate.

There is one hopeful indicator.

As of the 3rd, Hanwha is ranked 8th with a win rate of 0.449 (31 wins, 4 draws and 38 losses). However, after experiencing confusion for a month in April, which started with the injury of foreign pitcher Birch Smith, who had been dropped as the ace before the season, the results are very good after May, when the basic framework of the team was established.

Hanwha had a win rate of 0.261 (6 wins, 1 draw, 17 losses) during the month of April, but for about two months after May, it recorded an odds rate of 0.543 (25 wins, 3 draws, 21 losses) out of 49 games played. In terms of performance during the same period, it ranked third after LG (32 wins, 2 draws, 16 losses) and SSG (30 wins, 1 draw, 19 losses). Although there is a gap from the second round this season, it can be interpreted that at least they are not pushed back in the fight against the other 7 teams.

If it’s after May, it’s the point when Hanwha has added foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez to the starting rotation. Since Sanchez became the axis of the starting lineup with the existing foreign pitcher Felix Pena, Hanwha was able to enter a stable race despite the lack of offensive power. In addition, at the end of last month, a new foreign hitter, Nick Williams, joined the team, and the lineup that melted together began to look tight.

As long as Hanwha can maintain its performance after May, it is expected that there will be no problem in achieving the dream of playing fall baseball again after 5 years since 2018. During this period, Hanwha ranked 3rd in team ERA (3.72) and 9th in team batting average (0.250), but team OPS was 5th (0.701), which was not bad.

Hanwha Chae Eun-seong is welcomed at the dugout after scoring. yunhap news

However, variables always exist. Injury management, along with the pace of the main players in the team, is a structure that has no choice but to be the primary variable, and the flow of teams other than the second round, such as LG and SSG, can appear as a secondary variable.

In the end, it is a game that divides the final spot of the season by ‘relative evaluation’ in professional baseball. When a better team comes along, they have no choice but to take a backseat.

In this part, the recent moves of KT and Kiwoom, which have been raising their heads, can affect Hanwha’s ranking fight. KT and Kiwoom, who were evaluated as good candidates for the top 5 before the season, are finally raising their heads after shaking off their sluggishness in the beginning. KT has a win rate of 0.680 (17 wins and 8 losses) since June, and Kiwoom has a win rate of 0.600 (15 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses) since June.

Excluding Samsung, which fell to the bottom, NC, Lotte, Doosan, which are currently in the 3rd to 5th place, and even KIA, which has stagnated in 9th place, are teams that will run for the rest of the season looking up to 3rd place.

So after this year’s summer race, each team is entering a battle to keep the pace while using their strength wisely. Hanwha also needs to maintain consistency after May.

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