“40% in the second half? I’m not satisfied.안전놀이터 I want to become a player who helps the team even more.”

An outfielder born in 2000 that everyone pays attention to. The hard training was difficult and the burden increased. But he’s as fun as you’d expect.

Lotte Giants Koh Seung-min (23) is a key card for Lotte’s batting line, which is aiming for a counterattack after 6 years. He will occupy a spot in the corner outfield alongside foreign player Jack Rex.

Last year, Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos) left the spot perfectly. Although he suffered a lot due to the sluggishness in the first half, he recorded a batting average of .414 only in the second half and hit an average of .316. He also hit 5 home runs. He is the owner of a confident physique of 1m89 and 93kg and strong wrist strength. He is a ‘five-tool player’ with quick feet and a strong arm.

Koh Seung-min, whom I met in Guam, was having a busy day without a chance to catch his breath. After formal training was over for the first 10 days, he did additional training in hitting, defense, running, and conditioning. Like director Larry Sutton’s confidence that “Now Lotte’s time has come,” he is preparing for “Go Seung-min’s time.”

Right field defense now has more room. Heung-sik Park, head coach, picked Seung-min Ko as one of the hitters with the most expectations for growth this year. Since tools with the original body are good, they absorb and grow as they are taught.

He is also practicing first base to increase the number of appearances. He prepared little by little from the middle of the season last year, and in this camp, he is doing it once per turn (4 days of training + 1 day of rest).

I was originally from second base, but first base is different. Front and back movement is more important than left and right, and it is a position with a wide range of play, from outfield relay play to cutman, bunt defense that puts pressure on batters, and cover behind the catcher. Koh Seung-min emphasized, “I want to play a defense that will satisfy the viewer, not me.”

“I had a lot of regrets last year. I want to do better this year. I’m in my 5th year as a professional, but I think this camp is particularly difficult because I took a break from finishing training (due to an injury). But it’s fun.”

In May of last year, against Doosan Bears Kim Gang-ryul, he hit a come-from-behind 3-run in the top of the 9th inning, his first home run in his first-team debut. After the game, he cried, saying, “The day will come when I will hit a home run in the first team.”

This year, full-fledged growth as a mid-to-long-range shooter is expected. Koh Seung-min emphasized, “I don’t have greed to hit a lot of home runs. I think it will come out if I hit it. I want to hit more hits and steal bases through more accurate contact.”

The camp atmosphere is completely different from last year. There are many new faces including 3 free agents. Koh Seung-min laughed, saying, “I thought I was on a different team. It was unfamiliar and even awkward.”

However, thanks to Yoo Kang-nam taking the lead and buying something delicious, we got close easily. It feels good to see the team energized. When asked about his soul mate, he said “family” and named Lee Hak-joo (33).

“I really want to go to fall baseball as much as the fans expect. I think my grades will 

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