“I’m happy with Richarlison’s goal… but the ball was stolen too often”. 

Tottenham drew 1-1 with Fulham in the second round of the 2023-2024 season Carabao Cup (League Cup) held at Craven Cottage in London, England on the 30th (hereinafter Korean time), and then lost 3-5 in the penalty shootout that followed. Failed to advance to the river. 먹튀검증

Tottenham embarked on a new experiment through the League Cup. It was the will to raise the overall performance of the team by injecting substitute players following the relatively stable main players. 

Coach Angie Postecoglu made an unconventional starting lineup by changing nine players from the starting list compared to the match against Bournemouth.

First of all, Richarlison, the forward striker, was given another chance. He has been playing consistently since the start of the season. Ivan Pericity and Manor Solomon formed the attacking line. 

Pierre Emile-Hoivier, Oliver Skip, and Rosselso played in the midfield, while the four-back defense consisted of Ben Davies, Mickey van der Ben, Davinson Sanchez, and Emerson Royal. The goalkeeper is Fraser Foster. 

Despite the many changes, Richarlison was the starter. Richarlison, who started in the 1st to 3rd rounds of the Premier League this season, has no goals despite the team’s upward trend. Therefore, if he scores a goal in the League Cup and raises the mood, he is likely to have a good influence on Tottenham, so he played as a starter. 

However, Richarlison looked disappointing. She seldom created opportunities. In the first half, Richarlison had a pass success rate of only 36%. While he was not in a position to make a competitive pass connection, the pass success rate was difficult to understand. He didn’t even record a shot. He attempted a shot in the 37th minute of the first half, but it was not recognized as a shot as it was caught in the opposing defense. 

In the second half, the situation was not much different. However, in the 8th minute of the second half, he recorded an effective shot. A shot attempted from the front of the arc was deflected by the opponent’s defense, and the goalkeeper blocked it. As a result, he was credited with a shot on target. 

Richarlison finally scored the goal. In the 10th minute of the second half, with one player missing due to a soccer shoe problem, a cross from the side was scored with a header shot, and Tottenham made it 1-1. The opposing defense tried to clear it, but it shook the net. 

Richarlison was replaced by Son Heung-min in the 25th minute and exited the ground. Instead of Richarlison, who finally tasted his first goal this season, Tottenham changed their offensive line for victory. 

Tottenham tried to win during regular time by putting in key players, but no goals were scored and the game went to a penalty shootout. In the end, Tottenham lost in the penalty shootout with Davinson Sanchez missing. 

Tottenham coach Angie Postecoglu said in an interview published in Football London after the match, “I suddenly scored a goal, but Richarlison’s goal is definitely pleasant.” It was often taken away. Of course, so did the other players.” 

He scored a goal, but Hisharli Song’s play was judged to be poor. 

Tottenham are looking for a new striker after Harry Kane moved to Bayern Munich. Richarlison is constantly receiving opportunities, but he is not making as much results as expected. He also scored a goal in the game that day, but coach Postecoglu was not satisfied. Regarding prospect Dane Scarlett, manager Postecoglu explained, “He should have plenty of time to grow. First of all, we will watch the situation for two or three days.”

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