The color of Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is visible from the beginning of the Australian spring camp. The front desk on 메이저사이트 site is also large enough to stick out the tongue, and the density is also high. In particular, the defense is doing pinpoint coaching for each position. Yang Eui-ji, who returned to Doosan after four years, said, “It’s the first time I’ve trained so much at the beginning of the camp.” Although he has a serious and soft impression, the second most sadistic coach in terms of fighting spirit is reflected in the training content.

Doosan, which has set up camp at the Blacktown Baseball Center near Sydney, is training hard every day. Among them, the most eye-catching is the defense training that emphasizes basic skills. Defense is the only weapon and basic power that makes baseball a team sport along with pitching power. Attacks can fail, but defense is directly linked to defeat the moment it fails. Doosan, which is using three sides including the main stadium, is using an entire auxiliary stadium for defense training.

Coach Koh Young-min, who is mastering the basic skills of the outfielders, said, “The theme of defense this year is stability.” In order for the outfield defense to stabilize, it must have room when it comes to catching. Coach Koh emphasized, “You can reduce mistakes by running fast when following the ball, and by catching it after finding a psychological leeway when you arrive at the falling ball point.” It does not mean to lose strength, but it means to prepare in advance and catch it safely.

A batted ball flying into the outfield may appear to shake depending on the rotation or wind. Sometimes it stretches more than you think or falls off. Because there are many variables, if you do not prepare in advance, the ball and glove will inevitably collide. In particular, the outfielder must connect with a throwing motion immediately after catching in preparation for a tag-up play or an additional base. It is natural to lose the composure from the catching posture if the will to throw is ahead. This is the reason for detailed explanations, demonstrations, and endless repetition of training.

The infield is tighter. We provide customized coaching for each of the four positions. Coach Seong-hwan Cho is training the young fielders by showing them one step, one transition from catch to throw, in slow motion. It tells you in great detail how to catch the glove while pushing it, how to catch it while pulling it, and the steps that vary depending on the direction you want to throw after the catch. It seems like a move that amateur players should know, but if you don’t master it, the infield is where you fumble at the crucial moment.

Coach Lee said, “Baseball is a sport in which team members complement each other little by little to create results. You can win by hitting a home run, but there are more games you lose because you can’t keep a single point. He seems to prefer offensive baseball because of his image as a home run hitter, but he also likes cute baseball. We can become a strong team only when we mix the two strengths well.”

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