Hanwha special rookie Kim Seo-hyun threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 159.5 km. As much as his speed of 160 km, his boldness on the mound stood out. Director Subero said, “Workism is the first tool. In that respect, Seohyun Kim is a very good prospect.”

Kim Seo-Hyun pitched twice in a three-game series against LG last weekend. He scored 2 runs in 1 inning on the 21st (visa book) and 1 run in 2 innings on the 23rd, showing his ability beyond numbers.

In the match against LG on the 21st, Kim Seo-Hyun led his first batter to a ground ball, but when the shortstop caught an error, he laughed on the mound. When shortstop Park Jeong-hyeon, who made a mistake at the bases loaded safely, caught a ground ball and made a double play, he cheered by clapping with his glove.

“I saw it very well,” said Subero. Kim Seo-hyun is not only talented, but watching yesterday’s game, I felt that he is a player with a very deep understanding of baseball.”

Then he said, “It means that Kim Soo-hyun understands not only the baseball he sees on the mound, but also the baseball he sees from other positions.” The most important thing is how quickly you put it down and play the next one. The gesture Kim Seo-hyun showed on the mound was very good,” he praised.

“I would have been very grateful if I had been Park Jung-hyun,” said Subero with a laugh. He praised the mindset of caring for his teammates.

Coach Subero said, “Work Essik is the most basic (first) tool when judging prospects. “It’s the invisible number one tool,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of fast-throwing players over the past 30 years, but most of them actually put down their baseball career in Double-A.”

Seohyun Kim’s smile. “Those things are actually the ability to slow down the game and relieve the tension of the teammates because of such gestures in a situation where the game is going fast,” said Subero.

Subero said, “Most of the fireball players mentioned above have in common that they are players who have been successful in middle and high school (including university) before the draft and have walked on a solid road. When evaluating such players in the pro, I look at how they solve it when faced with a crisis,” he said. You have been targeted by an older player, but at that time, do you start to doubt what I have made and what I have built with diligence, or do you believe in me, my achievements, and my teammates? A person’s heart is bound to come out in some way or another. You have to look more closely at those things than the results or the numbers. I think it’s an insight that a leader should have. In that respect, Seohyun Kim is a very good prospect.”안전놀이터

In the match against LG on the 23rd, Kim Seo-hyun played multi-inning for the first time in 3 games. He pitched in the third inning with a 4–0 lead, sent a runner to second base with two outs on first base with a wild throw, and allowed an earned run for the first time on a timely hit by Austin. In the fourth inning, he finished with a strikeout-strikeout-floating ball. 

On this day, I dealt with Kim Hyun-soo in the third inning, but I thoroughly played only with breaking balls (4 sliders, 1 changeup) and took revenge for being hit by a 159km fastball the day before. On this day, Kim Seo-hyun recorded her best record of 159.5 km (based on Trackman) against Moon Seong-ju.

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