The Busan Open Challenger is a challenger level 125 competition, and among the men’s professional competitions held in Korea, it is the highest level competition along with the Seoul Open. Globally, the level is the second highest among challengers after the 175 grade of Challenger, which was newly established this year.

On the third day of the tournament, there were suddenly two empty seats in the doubles table for the Busan Open Challenger. Hong Seong-chan withdrew due to a wrist injury during the singles match on the 9th, and Jessica Jo, another foreign team, also gave up the doubles match.안전놀이터

Since the Busan Open is the last tournament held in Korea, there are cases in which players who are eliminated from the singles or who are injured move to the next event early.

In this case, the organizers will accept additional doubles submissions prior to the start of the match. If more than two teams apply, they will be assigned in order of ranking. The ranking is determined by the combined ranking of partners by applying the higher ranking among singles and doubles. 

If, by chance, there is no team to apply, it will proceed with an empty draw. When there was a vacancy in the doubles team, several players asked to participate, so there seems to be no room for vacancies. 

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