Skyler Man designs cool, unique, edgy jewelry for stylish people to keep as timeless treasures.

Skyler Man was born from our desire to create unique, quality jewelry that we wanted to wear, made of precious metals, so it would be a lasting treasure and not a trendy, ephemeral splurge. We wanted our jewelry to have a hand-made look and feel so that each piece is different, special and essentially one-of-a-kind. When we were unable to find both edgy and precious jewelry in the market, we decided to start creating it ourselves. We love to marry the classical with the unexpected, and create a beautiful, unanticipated harmony in each and every one of our designs. Many of Skyler Man designs showcase the beauty in the conflict of those two opposing aspects unified in beautiful harmony and set together to create one veritable piece.

Alina Skyler, a native New Yorker, started designing her collection as early as 2009, using precious materials in unexpected ways to create pieces that she would want to wear but that would also last forever. Her collection, heavily influenced by flora, fauna and the natural world, is meant to be timeless- the pieces are multi-generational and unexpectedly classic. While she has not been classically trained in design, Alina grew up in an artistic household where she was able to sharpen her natural eye and ability.

Skyler Man is proudly made in Brooklyn and NYC, and in addition to our commitment to localized production, we also want our business to be as eco-conscious as possible so we can do our part, to do our best.

We are Brooklyn Made certified! wedding dresses UK