Suwon Samsung, which started to ‘reconstruct a famous family’, embraced Kim Bo-kyung (34). Behind the surprise recruitment was the hidden efforts of ‘Agent Y’ Yeom Ki-hoon (40, Suwon Samsung).

On the 17th, Suwon announced the recruitment of Kim Bo-kyung, saying, “Technician Kim Bo-kyung, who represents Korean soccer, will wear a Suwon Samsung uniform for the 2023 season and enter Big Bird.” His contract is for 2 years.

Coach Lee Byeong-geun is determined to 메이저놀이터 play ‘leading football’ with him at the center. Suwon expects Kim Bo-kyung, who boasts the ability to depressurize, playmaking, and linked play, to serve as a conductor. It is a welcome face for Suwon, who suffered greatly from the midfield fight last year.

He’s a bit of a surprise. Kim Bo-kyung is a veteran who has been with Jeonbuk for a total of 5 seasons. Considering his existence and the relationship between Suwon and Jeonbuk, where players are not often traded, it was an unimaginable recruitment.

Yeom Ki-hoon, who took on the role of an agent, contributed greatly. On the 27th, we met at the K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Jeju, and he revealed the secret story of Kim Bo-gyeong recruitment.

Yeom Ki-hoon explained, “The first time I saw Bo-kyung was at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when I was 22 years old. He is a junior I’ve seen since I was young.” . 

Next, Yeom Ki-hoon said, “The sense of weight has changed since Bo-kyung came to our team. Since a veteran player has arrived, it will be of great help.”

Of course, moving to Suwon is a new challenge for Kim Bo-kyung. As it is Suwon, which was driven to the brink of relegation last season, many parts are inevitably different from the days of playing in Jeonbuk and Ulsan, the strong teams that dominate the league. The overall team tactics and his role are expected to be different from before.

Even so, Yeom Ki-hoon wasn’t too worried. He said, “When I first came, I told Bokyung, ‘Like when I was in Jeonbuk or Ulsan, soccer can be different from Suwon, where there are many players around me who help me.’ He said he would help where he could. Bokyung also said he could do it.”

Suwon, which has many young players, needs a veteran to hold the center on the pitch. As Yeom Ki-hoon is now a playing coach, he is not expected to have much playing time. He also said, “There is a difference between the sky and the earth between Suwon in the past and Suwon now. The squad itself has changed so much. Back then, there were many players who could play anywhere. It’s important that you show your skills.”

The corner to be trusted is, of course, Kim Bo-kyung. Born in 1989, he took on an important role as soon as he transferred, as he is the most senior member of the team, excluding Yeom Ki-hun. Yeom Ki-hoon also expressed his expectation that Kim Bo-kyung would lead the players well in the stadium, saying, “It is a great strength that Bo-kyung was recruited. After that, I feel the weight of our team.”

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