Italian Serie A club AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini has been sacked by the club’s president.

Maldini is an iconic ‘one-club man’ who played 25 seasons for the Rossoneri between 1984 and 2009. Maldini played a whopping 902 games for AC Milan. Not surprisingly, he’s the all-time leader. Under Maldini’s leadership, AC Milan won 26 titles, including seven Serie A titles and five UCL titles.

He also spent five more years on the AC Milan staff. A total of 30 years. Maldini was the face and heart of the club, but Gary Cardinal sacked him. It was reportedly due to a feud between Maldini and Cardinal.

In response, striker Antonio Cassano, who also played for AC Milan in the past, lashed out at Cardinal.

He told Italy’s Bobo TV: “Maldini did a great job at AC Milan. The owner only takes pictures and drama where Maldini walks. As always, these Americans arrive without understanding anything about football,” he criticised.안전놀이터

Cassano continued: “I hope Maldini can start again somewhere else. I want it to work out. If Maldini is not happy, it’s right for the owner to leave and leave Maldini behind,” he emphasised.

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