Laura Woods, a British beauty broadcaster, came out. She is for the return of ‘Real Madrid legend’ and ‘Welsh legend’ Gareth Bale.

Bale is being urged by the owners of Wrexham, which has recently been promoted to the English Football League (EFL), to temporarily reverse his retirement for one year and return to the ground.

On the 29th, the British media reported that Woods, a famous broadcaster, was stepping out for Bale’s comeback.

Wrexham AFC, promoted to the EFL, is a football team in North Wales, England. Founded in 1864. The person who took over this club is movie star Ryan Reynolds. He is the main character of ‘Deadpool’. In 2021, he joined hands with fellow actor Rob McElhenry to acquire Wrexham.

Thanks to the utmost sincerity of the two actors, Wrexham beat Borehamwood 3-1 last week, winning the league title and promotion to the EFL after two years. It is a miracle that has been achieved in 15 years.

In this way, the owners of Wrexham, who have now risen to the fourth division, are courting the Welsh-born Bale to return. Owners who were former movie stars are actively seeking Bale to return, but Bale is not giving a clear answer.

That’s why Laura Woods came out to help Bale’s return to add strength to the owner. I had a chance. On the night of the 28th and Thursday the 27th local time, a splendid sports industry-related award ceremony was held in London. Here, emcee Laura Woods had time to join the Welsh and Real Madrid hero Bale on stage.

It was Bale’s first appearance in public after the love call from the owners of Wrexham. Not missing this opportunity, Woods directly asked Bale. “Wrexham?” 토스카지노

Bale answered with a smile. “No, I don’t think so,” Bale said. I think I’m looking for more free rounds of golf for Rob.” he once refused. Woods also said, “I’m sorry. Wrexham. I tried,” he said on social media.

Meanwhile, Bale announced his retirement in January. He is a Real Madrid legend, having won five Champions League titles with Real Madrid. Since then, Bale has been immersed in golf, stirring the fairways rather than the ground.

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