The referees, who made NBA’s “King” LeBron James (LA Lakers) frustrated with an incomprehensible decision, acknowledged the “possibility of misjudgment” saying that they did not properly see the scene in question.

Referee Eric Lewis, who was in charge of the match between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers held at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on the 29th (Korean time), responded to a reporter’s question about James’ layup right before the end of the 4th quarter after the game. There was contact,” he admitted.

Four seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, which was tied at 105-105, James passed Malcolm Brogdon, advanced to the goal post, 메이저사이트 and attempted a left-handed layup.

Jayson Tatum, who followed behind him, leapt, but could not reach James’ outstretched left hand.

Instead, Tatum slammed James’ forearm hard. James’ layup, which lost balance in the air 0.7 seconds before the end of the quarter, failed.

On the relay screen, Tatum’s defense did not touch the ball and only hit James’ body, but no foul was called, and the game was overshadowed in overtime.

Unjustly, James held his head and protested to the referee, but soon as if he gave up, he fell on his stomach near the free throw line and couldn’t get out of frustration for a while.

The Lakers, led by James, lost 121-125 after an extended game.

Referee Lewis said after the game, “At the time we were playing, we didn’t see the scene as a foul. The referee missed the play in question.”

In addition, he explained that he “acted inappropriately in the process of explaining the injustice caused by the fact that (Tatum’s) foul was not called” in relation to the technical foul given to Lakers guard Patrick Beverly.

Beverly secured a camera somewhere on the field and approached the referee and held it out. It is presumed to mean to look at the scene in question as a photograph.

The referee immediately called Beverly a technical foul, and as a penalty, Tatum threw a free throw and the game went into overtime.

CBS Broadcasting called this scene “one of the most bizarre technical fouls in NBA history.” “Beverly will have to pay the fine, but it’s thousands of dollars freed from something that will be remembered forever. He is a great meme of our time. created,” he explained.

Unlike this ridiculous happening, the Lakers strongly criticized the referee.

James confessed to the reporters, “Didn’t you see my reaction?” and “I can’t understand (the judgment).”

Anthony Davis, who formed a one-two punch with James, also protested, saying, “It’s unacceptable.” “Tonight we were cheated. It was a blatant foul.”

On the other hand, Tatum, who created the controversy, avoided explaining the scene in question.

After the ‘foul’ scene, he expressed his joy by running to the middle of the court with his hands raised and holding the ball. 

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