SSG Landers’ NC Dinos semi-playoff (PO) participation list has been confirmed. SSG’s ace Kirk McCarty and Choi Jeong have returned from injury, and NC will face the match at 100% strength with the addition of first starter Eric Peddie.온라인카지노

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on the 21st the 30-player entry for the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason semi-PO SSG-NC, which starts on the 22nd.

SSG’s lineup consisted of 12 pitchers, 3 catchers, 6 infielders, and 9 outfielders, including first game starter Roenis Elias.

In particular, all key players who left the team due to injury at the end of the regular season returned.

Foreign pitcher McCarty, who suffered a right internal oblique muscle injury in the game against the Incheon Lotte Giants on the 23rd of last month, was named in the entry.

Choi Jeong-do, who suffered a minor hamstring injury at the end of the regular season, is in the lineup and is aiming for a shot.

To counter this, NC formed an entry of 13 pitchers, 3 catchers, 7 infielders, and 7 outfielders, including first game starter Song Myeong-ki.

From the pitching staff, third-year right-hander Jaeseung Han was missing and ace Peddy was included. This year, Peddie became the first foreign player in 37 years to record 20 wins and 200 strikeouts, and achieved the pitcher triple crown (multiple wins, strikeouts, and earned run average). 

He missed the wild card game due to an injury to his arm after being hit by a batted ball at the end of the season, but was named as a semi-PO player. He was canceled as a starting pitcher in Game 1, but is expected to take the mound later.

Compared to the wild card game, the number of catcher entries increased from two to three. Park Dae-on was added to the existing Park Se-hyuk and Kim Hyeong-jun. Instead, infielder Kim Soo-yoon was excluded.

In the outfield, Park Han-gyeol, who was included in the wild card game, was removed and Jae-Hwan Chun was newly added.

Meanwhile, SSG finished the regular season in 3rd place and advanced directly to semi-PO, while NC defeated the Doosan Bears in the wild card game and advanced to semi-PO.

The first, second, and fifth games of Jun-PO will be held in Incheon, SSG’s home, and the third and fourth games will be held in Changwon.

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