K-League 2 Ansan Greeners FC recruited four new college players.

Ansan announced on the 3rd that it had recruited Park Jun-bae (Dankook University), Ko Min-woo (Incheon University), Lee Kun-woong (Suwon University), and Jung Jae-min (Sungkyunkwan University).

Rookie midfielder Park Jun-bae led the team as captain of Dankook University in the 2022 season and led the team to victory in the U-League King of the Kings. He is left-footed and has excellent ball possession skills, and his linked play, which puts pressure on passing and kicking, stands out. He was even named on the roster for the ’17th Denso Cup Korea-Japan University Football Regular Match’.

Park Jun-bae said, “I think it is an honor to start his first professional career in Ansan. He said he will do his best to become a helpful player for the team.”

Ko Min-woo, a defender who played an active part at Incheon National University, has a solid physical body of 189cm and 82kg and a stable ball touch by using his tall height to dominate the supply. He also boasts a build-up ability through strong passing.

Ko Min-woo said, “It is an honor to join a good team called Ansan. I will do my best to show good play.”

Defender Lee Kun-woong, from Ansan U18, was selected for the ‘2022 U19 National Team’ after attending Suwon University and playing an active role on the university stage. Lee Kun-woong’s solid defense, which not only plays with fighting spirit but also presses harshly and strongly, is expected to help Ansan’s defense. 바카라사이트

Lee Kun-woong said, “I was so happy to come back to Ansan as a former Ansan youth player. I have so many good memories, and I will try my best to become a player who helps the team.”

Jung Jae-min, who is 192cm tall and weighs 85kg, is a promising multiplayer who can play not only the central defense but also the center forward position. He is evaluated for his excellent build-up ability and dominance of the air supply using his tall height. He drew attention by being named in the ‘2019 U18 National Team’ and ‘2020 U19 National Team’.

Jung Jae-min said, “I have been playing soccer with the dream of being a professional, and it is an honor to come to Ansan. He wants to adapt quickly to the team and show a good image to the fans.”

Meanwhile, Ansan will play the opening match of the 2023 K-League 2 against Seongnam FC at Tancheon Sports Complex in Seongnam at 4:00 pm on the 1st of next month.

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