“Now… As soon as the photographer said, “I changed my expression and pose on my own. Soon, satisfactory responses such as “good expressions and good poses” filled the studio. I was admiring his naturalness as good as a professional model, but when I thought about it, Lim Hee-jung was already in her 5th year on the KLPGA tour. It’s not just the 5th year, it’s the ‘face’ of the tour that won the popularity award for 2 years in a row.

After the debut season of 2019, which was like a storm with 3 wins only in the second half, I also spent a season without a championship, and in the 2021 season, I ranked second in both prize money and grand prize points. Last year, she won the Korea Women’s Open, a national title event, despite being involved in a serious car accident that destroyed her car in half. Two months after the accident, he set the tournament record of 19 under par, 269 strokes, and won the trophy by a whopping 6 strokes. I met Lim Hee-jung, the ‘pretty desert fox’ who has already achieved a lot, but has more to achieve, so the new season is exciting.

It’s been 5 years already. Did you ever think before your debut, ‘I think this is how I will look in my 5th year’?>>> “I

didn’t have a specific thought of ‘I wish I could look like this in my 5th year’, but I have always wanted to be someone’s role model since I was young. . Of course, I want to become a player representing Korea. I haven’t reached the top of the Korean stage yet, but many golfers seem to know my name, so I think I’m getting closer to what I thought I was when I was younger.”

What has changed compared to when you were a rookie, and what has not changed.>>>

“It seems that my attitude towards golf has not changed. But it seems that my mindset toward golf has changed. So, the fundamental and original idea of ​​golf has not changed. The idea of ​​wanting to be number one in the world rankings and wanting to reach the top is the same. But if golf was everything in the past, now I think of it as a companion in life. When I play golf and when I don’t, I’m trying to be good at ‘on and off’.”

Winter training results.>>>

“I was the type to find my own feeling, so I didn’t take many lessons, but after going through a bit of trial and error last year, I thought a lot about establishing my own routine and how to put weight on it when practicing. Through this training, I definitely have a routine to follow at the golf course or driving range. Even if the condition is slightly different, there is an expectation that he will be able to show consistent performance. Technically, I put particular effort into short putts within 2m and wedge shots within 100m, which I felt were lacking last year. Specifically, he focused on distance control on the 58-degree wedge. I thought that if I got better at attacking the par 5 hole, I would get stable results, so I practiced that way as well.”

Let’s talk about the fans. This is the story of when spectator access to the venue was restricted due to Corona 19. Some fans were at the entrance of the golf course, and Hee-jung stopped the car on purpose and got out to greet them. Even after he withdrew due to a car accident right before the tournament last year, he still visited the event site and met fans. Is there a reason you treat your fans with such sincerity?>>> 스포츠토토

“It is because the fans support me first and give me a lot of love. As a player and as a human being, I think it’s the right thing to do, so I’m trying to do as much as I can. To the extent that it does not interfere with the game. It can be seen as a reflection of my values. Aren’t pros worth having fans? It is also a part that my mother emphasizes. I’m a person and a player, so there are times when it’s difficult, but I try to express my gratitude without missing it.”

What is the most memorable thing you’ve heard from fans and people around you?>>>

“Anyway, they said ‘You’re doing well’ and ‘You’re doing well’ the most. Ah, but I realized something. Last year, my body was particularly tired, so there was a time when just playing the game was burdensome. It’s hard to concentrate on the game, but I thought for a moment, ‘Is it better to play alone?’ But when a good play came out, I quickly reflected on it when I saw that he was happy as if it was his own business.”

Did you know ‘Ah, am I this kind of person?’ because of what people around you say. >>>

“Because they keep saying ‘cute’ and ‘cute’, sometimes I look back and think to myself, ‘Am I really cute?’” (laughs)

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