The love of ‘parents’ was warm. We met a few days after the trade. The command tower saliva dries up in praise. This is the story of KIA Kim Tae-gun (34) and Samsung Ryu Ji-hyeok (29).바카라

Samsung and KIA conducted a one-to-one trade on the 5th. Kim Tae-goon and Ryu Ji-hyeok changed their uniforms. This is pretty sudden news. KIA wanted a catcher, and Samsung had a catcher. It was not at an unpredictable level, but it was surprising if the target was unexpected.

KIA always wanted a catcher. The situation was twisted and the main catcher was lost, and someone was needed. Fortunately, Samsung had a catcher. discussion took place. It wasn’t easy. However, a ‘deal’ was carried out between the directors, and it went all the way to the end.

Both teams spent precious resources. Samsung put the catcher up for sale, but it was a big part of the team. It is true that KIA also needed a catcher, but the cards to be given are always regrettable. In the first place, Samsung also wanted a pitcher.

Things have changed. Samsung was in a situation where they needed a beast, and manager Park Jin-man consulted manager Kim Jong-guk. Ryu Ji-hyeok is on the trade block. What KIA wanted was like a servant, so it was finally accomplished. Ryu Ji-hyeok wore a Samsung uniform, and Kim Tae-gun headed to KIA.

On the 11th, at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Ryu Ji-hyeok visited the locker room of his former team and exchanged greetings with the KIA players. KIA presented a KIA uniform signed by the players. Photo courtesy | KIA Tigers

Less than a week later, Samsung came to the KIA expedition. Naturally, a lot of attention was drawn to it. A visit to a parent’s home is bound to attract everyone’s attention. Even more so, it was a visit from a trade party.

Apart from the interest of the fans, both clubs paid attention. We prepared a gift for the players who left side by side. There was a sense that both teams lacked the time to prepare as the confrontation was concluded too quickly.

Ryu Ji-hyeok and Kim Tae-gun visited the opponent’s locker room side by side. You want to properly say hello to your old colleagues. At the same time, both clubs made preparations to welcome the player.

I was properly welcomed. KIA gave Ryu Ji-hyeok a KIA uniform with the team’s autograph. He conveyed the message, “It’s true that he left, but don’t forget us.” Director Kim Jong-guk hugged Ryu Ji-hyeok and conveyed a message.

Samsung was no different. Because it is an expedition, it is late to arrive at the baseball field. This also means less time to prepare. As soon as I came to this, I found Kim Tae-gun.

Temporary captain Koo Ja-wook presented Kim Tae-gun with a commemorative frame engraved with Kim Tae-goon’s image. Kim Tae-gun expressed his gratitude as he was embraced by his junior, Koo Ja-wook. Even foreign players took care of Kim Tae-goon. I was accompanied by an interpreter and talked for a long time. He seemed to have a separate seat for dinner.

At the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 11th, Ja-wook Koo (right), temporary captain of Samsung, gives a framed gift to Tae-goon Kim. Photo courtesy | samsung lions

This is the part that shows how Ryu Ji-hyeok and Kim Tae-gun lived at KIA and Samsung. Trade is the destiny of professional players. Since it is a resource of the club, he can leave the team regardless of his will. The same goes for trade.

Ryu Ji-hyeok and Kim Tae-gun also left KIA and Samsung, where they originally belonged. However, members of the original team did not forget the departed player.

If so, how does the team that welcomes you as a new member see it? Like Kim Tae-goon and Ryu Ji-hyeok, they were receiving a lot of love from the new team. The command tower’s praise continues.

Director Kim Jong-kook said, “This is the day Ryu Ji-hyeok, whom I have a crush on, is coming. Shouldn’t we say hello to (Ryu) Jihyeok before the match? He laughed awkwardly, saying, “I feel a little like that because I’m a player I’ve had a lot of affection for.”

Kim Tae-goon, whom we met at the scene, said, “Shouldn’t we approach him first? It’s not easy, but it’s necessary,” he said with a laugh. A ‘in-ssa’ sound comes out. Kim Tae-gun is approaching his juniors and giving them advice. is the power of experience.

Director Kim Jong-guk said, “I have nothing but praise. Pitchers believe in Kim Tae-goon and go. he throws with ease Keep burying the other catchers. Worth the experience. He hopes to learn a lot. Kim Tae-gun also continues to give advice to his juniors. Young pitchers and catchers depended on him. Sanchez pitched well in his debut match, but I think Kim Tae-gun’s lead was good,” he explained.

On the 11th, at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Ryu Ji-hyeok visited the locker room of his former team and exchanged greetings with the KIA players. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk is delivering a blessing. Photo courtesy | KIA Tigers

Ryu Ji-hyeok also quickly established himself at Samsung. It is Samsung that had relatively no ‘middle’. We are actively approaching young players. results also come out. The positions are also different. There’s no reason to hate it.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man also praised Ryu Ji-hyeok. “It’s only been a few days, but it does what we lacked. RBI production was lacking in chances. He has the ability to clutch.”

Also, “It solves the problem. Even if it is not a hit, it is an RBI production. This is something our team lacked. If an RBI comes out, the flow will not be taken away. I look forward to more from Ryu Ji-hyeok. He’s good at defense too. We are filling in the gaps,” he said.

Trade always hopes for a ‘win-win’. Turning around, Samsung and KIA came up with an answer. They gave each other resources that they lacked. Six days after the trade, they visited each other’s parents’ homes. It just didn’t pass. It was a messy situation due to the cancellation of the rain, but each other was polite.

It is a professional world where fierce competitions continue. The sender may end with the sender. But romance is still alive. Courtesy is always necessary.

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