In addition, Law argued the exact opposite theory from Williams. As a result of video analysis of great hitters in the Major League (MLB), it is found that the weight is on the front foot at the moment of hitting. Like Hank Aaron (755 homers in his career), who surpassed Babe Ruth (714 homers in his career), his back foot sometimes comes off the ground at the moment of contact. In other words, Law’s theory is that weight should be on the front 메이저놀이터 foot, and shifting the center of gravity from the back foot to the front foot is the key to a good strike.

The weight-shift system gained attention in the 1970s with Law’s great success as a hitting coach. This was to deny Williams hitting. The two showed differences not only in how to use power through lower body movements, but also in how to use the hand holding the bat.

The two hitting theories have been at odds for 50 years. So, did you come to a conclusion? not. This is because the rotational heating system and the weight shift system were their own answers, but not the correct answer.

There is no hitter who hits only using hip rotation. Likewise, you cannot hit only with the momentum through weight shift. Between extreme claims, others must find the path that suits them best.

What type of hitter was I in the two-batting theory? Most will say I hit rotationally. That’s not wrong. I can’t deny that my hitting is similar to Williams’ theory.

But I didn’t just ‘hit the back foot’. Both linear motion (weight shift) and rotational motion (hip rotation) are required to power the ball. I just used the rotational heating system ‘relatively’ more. Then, when I was in my mid-30s when my strength dropped, I tried to gain energy through weight shifting. In other words, the swing of a hitter also changes according to time and situation.

Even if I try to hit with my back foot, the pitch doesn’t come my way. There are times when I make a hip turn according to the timing of the fastball, but the breaking ball flies. In this case, I shifted the center of gravity from the back foot to the front foot. Pushing my body forward with my right knee, I make up for the lack of rotational power in time with propulsion. Even in this case, am I a ‘back foot hitter’? not.

The same goes for other examples. I watched closely the hitting of Shohei Ohtani (Japan) of the Los Angeles Angels, who has grown into a giant in the MLB. His mechanism is more like a rotational heating system. A left-handed batter, he does not lift his front (right) foot off the ground when loading. He lifts and releases the heel of his right foot slightly, exploding energy using strong hip rotation.

Let’s take a look at the scene where he hit 80 home runs in 2021-2022. Even if you compare only the hit points, they are never the same. It is an exaggeration to say that the impact is on the back foot. Usually, if you make contact in front of the belly button of the batter, it is said that the point is behind. The hitting points of Ohtani’s home runs are all different. It is widely spread over a section ranging from 40 to 50 cm from the navel to the front feet. You use both the force created by hip rotation and the force gained by shifting your weight. Only the proportions are different.

Senior Lee Seung-yeop has been famous for his ‘one-legged hitting’ since the 1990s. He raised his front leg high, then stepped forward and exploded with power. Since weight transfer was important, did Lee Seung-yeop play according to Ro’s theory? not. The process of gathering power is a weight shift system, but at the moment of impact, it was changed to a rotational heating system. This was the reason why senior Lee Seung-yeop’s body did not lean forward after hitting and turned around.

The answer is that there is no answer.

Most good hitters use both linear and rotational motion. Of course, there are extreme cases. In modern baseball, the hitter who makes the best use of the rotational hitting system is Barry Bonds, who has the most home runs (762) in the big leagues. Although it was stained with a drug scandal, his swing that created strong rotation was one of the best in MLB history.

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