Even an easy shot doesn’t go in. It is a scene that was difficult to imagine in the past.

LeBron James is tired. In Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, his physical problems were revealed.

He missed an easy layup and failed to dunk in a fast break with no defender in front. At the end of the fourth quarter, after a decisive steal, he aimed for an easy breakthrough score, but this also missed the rim. None of the six 3-pointers he threw went in.

LeBron’s tired expression was evident. There were frequent scenes of him lowering his head or putting his hands on his knees and breathing heavily.

In a way, this is a natural result. Lebron was born in 1984 and is 40 years old in Korean age. It has been 20 years since his NBA debut. If you are a normal player, he is old enough to be old enough to retire.

But LeBron is still the Lakers ace regardless of his age. He played a lot of time this season as well.

He averaged 35.5 minutes in the regular season and 37.7 minutes in the playoffs. In Game 2 against Denver, he played 40 minutes, the second most on the team.토토사이트

American locals are also paying attention to LeBron’s physical strength. In the meantime, he has a strong image of not getting tired no matter how much he jumps at ‘Geumgang Buddha’, so the shock received by fans is considerable.

LeBron, ahead of Game 3, couldn’t easily follow his words, saying, “If you’re not tired of the playoffs…” “I mean everyone is tired,” he said shortly afterwards. He explained his difficult physical condition in a roundabout way.

An ankle injury suffered in the second game is also a concern. Until the 22nd (Korean time), when his 3rd game will be held, neither the exhausted stamina nor the time to recover from the injury are absolutely insufficient.

LeBron expressed his determination, saying, “I’ve been hurt a little, but this injury doesn’t stop me. We have to keep playing with urgency. Even if we won the first and second games and came home, we couldn’t comfortably play the playoffs.” lost.

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