Rain canceled all matches three consecutive years before resignation. Samsung coach Park Jin-man was also taken aback.

Coach Park, who we met at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 7th, said, “I don’t think all 3 consecutive games were canceled during the rainy season when I was a player,” with a dumbfounded expression. It was an unusually long and heavy spring rain.

Needless to say, it wiped out the Golden Week holiday, Children’s Day, which is the most crowded time of the year.

Coach Park explained the rest of the schedule that day, saying, “Beasts train indoors, and pitchers do not have a training space, so they will first move to Daegu and train at Lions Park.”

Coach Park Jin-man said, “I really knew how to do it today. I prepared,” but found consolation, saying, “Since many players have injuries, I think it’s good for a team to filter them out.” He continued, “I came to Busan with a good flow, but I still have to play the game in a healthy state without any injured players so that it is easy to operate and show good performance,” hinting that he is waiting for June when his full power will be completed.메이저놀이터

In Samsung, a large number of key hitters such as Kim Hyeon-joon, Kim Jae-seong, Kim Tae-hoon (outfielder) and Kim Dong-yeop are out with injuries. Currently, Kang Min-ho is also not in a good condition. In June, Choi Chae-heung and Choi Ji-kwang will be discharged from Sangmu and join the team.

With Lee Jae-hee’s enlistment as an executive officer, the concerns about the 5th selection, which started again, are now able to relax a little.

On the 3rd, Samsung also started Oh Seung-hwan, a top-class finisher, in an empty spot without a fifth starter.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “I should have decided early next week (3 games canceled due to rain), but I thought it would be okay to organize it around the weekend, so I bought some time.” I am in a state where I can afford more.”

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