Professional billiard PBA stars who are in crisis are not sleeping at night. This is because if your individual ranking points are outside of 64th place, you must go through Q School to expect a return. In this way, life and death are at stake in the performance of the Crown Haitai Championship, the final 8th tour of the PBA solo exhibition held on February 1st.

As of the 27th, players in crisis who are only 64th 메이저놀이터 in the PBA player ranking points are Kim Byeong-ho (Hana Card), Eom Sang-pil (Blue One Resort), and Seo Hyun-min (Welcome Savings Bank). Leaders and captains of each team are indispensable key resources. They played a key role in winning the ticket to advance to the team league postseason this season.

However, it fell into a difficult situation as the ranking points of the individual tour (1st to 8th) were linked to the team league player qualifications. This is because if you fall below 64th in the season ranking points, you cannot play in the team league.

Kim Byung-ho and Seo Hyun-min remain tied for 83rd (13,500 points) in the rankings, while Eom Sang-pil fell to 112th (6,500 points). In the team league, it fused the team and became the focal point for advancing to the postseason, but it was because it failed to score points in the individual tour.

In order for those who have been active since the first year of the professional launch to remain in the first division, they must accumulate points at the Crown Haitai Cup, an individual exhibition held next week. At least, it seems that they should aim for points with the goal of entering the round of 32.

Of course, being pushed out of the 64th place in the rankings does not mean that you are completely eliminated from the team league. If you pass the Q School held after the season and secure a first division seed, you can be nominated by the team again. Each club, including Hana Card, is ready to recruit these talented players whose leadership skills have been verified at any time. There is nothing more to wish for when the stars of each team secure their status as first-division leaguers through their last individual match.

In addition to them, Jo Joon-hwi (SK Rent-A-Car, 83rd) and Han Ji-seung (Welcome Savings Bank, 107th) are also in a position to wage an all-out war at the last minute. On the other hand, Lee Sang-dae and Oh Tae-joon are expected to enter the team league next season with great success this season.

A PBA official said, “At the Crown Haitai Championship, the 8th round of the PBA tour, one point to watch will be to see if players who performed well in the team league, such as Kim Byung-ho, Um Sang-pil, and Seo Hyun-min, can remain in the first division. ”he said.

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