The reporter advised Choi Ji-man, who fell into a severe blow slump in August of last year, “If you are sick, say you are sick. Even if you are on the injured list, you must rest.”

However, Choi Ji-man endured the pain and continued to run. 안전놀이터

After the season, he underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his elbow in Korea. That was mid-November.

As a result, the operation became the cause of his non-participation in the WBC.

Choi Ji-man showed a strong will to participate, but his team, Pittsburgh, opposed it.

Pittsburgh’s judgment is 100% correct. Which team will allow a key player who is in rehabilitation to participate in event-type competitions? In addition, Choi Ji-man’s annual salary is in the millions of dollars.

When Choi Ji-man failed to participate, he expressed regret by using strong words such as ‘frustration’ and ‘disappointment’. It is ‘nonsense’.

If you look closely, the failure to participate in the WBC is tantamount to Choi Ji-man’s own fault.

Whatever the circumstances, this might not have happened had the bone fragments been removed earlier last year.

It is absurd to feel frustrated over the failure to qualify for the national team because of something he had brought on himself.

He could give the Pittsburgh club the impression that he is a ‘selfish’ player. This means that he could be criticized for trying to satisfy his greed without considering the position of the Pittsburgh club.

He must have been very disappointed because what he so desperately wished for did not come true.

However, his statement gives the impression that Pittsburgh was responsible for the WBC’s failure to participate.

Choi Ji-man should know. The fact that wearing the Taegeuk mark is not the only thing to glorify the country. Doing well on your team is also a way to make Korea shine.

Choo Shin-soo said the following. “I’ve been jumping up until now, promoting Korea to people who don’t even know where it is on the map.”

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