Colorado Rockies’ starting second baseman and last season’s Gold Glove winner Brendan Rodgers is highly likely to undergo surgery. The club is planning to hire Ryan McMahon, who was the starting third baseman, as second baseman.

In an interview with reporter Joel Sherman of the New York Post on the 4th (Korean time), Colorado general manager Bill Schmidt said, “After losing Rogers, there is a possibility that third baseman McMahon will become second baseman.”안전놀이터

Rogers, the starting second baseman, made a diving catch during an exhibition game, injuring his left shoulder in the process. A close examination revealed that his surgery was the best option. As a result, third baseman McMahon is more likely to go to second base.

Second base is not an unfamiliar position to McMahon. He played 222 games as a second baseman, and has a record of 10 appearances last year as well. Second base defense is not as good as third base, the main position, but all defensive indicators are above average.

‘’ noted, “McMahon replaced Gold Glove third baseman Nolan Arenado (now St. Louis Cardinals), and this time replaces Gold Glover Rogers at second base.” Colorado manager Bud Black also praised him, saying, “He is as capable as a second baseman as well as a third baseman.”

Meanwhile, McMahon’s third base spot will be filled by Elephris Montero and Nolan Johnson. Chris Bryant, who was a former third baseman, is said to have no plans to play as a third baseman for now as he is planning to stick to left field.

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