The salary schedule of English Premier League (EPL) clubs has been released.

England’s ‘The Sun’ published a table of the total annual salaries paid by EPL clubs to players. Naturally, the rankings were also divided. The ‘Big 6’ clubs, famous for the top 6 teams in the league, took 1st to 6th places. In order, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal were named.

It is unavoidable that Chelsea, Manchester United, and Man City, which acquired players with huge transfer fees, have high totals. Liverpool also has a number of top players in the league, such as Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk, so the total salary is high. Arsenal ranks first in the league with the least amount of money among the six teams, so it can be said that ‘cost performance’ is good.안전놀이터

Eyes are on Tottenham’s salary expenditures and rankings. According to a table released by ‘The Sun’, Tottenham spends more than 110 million pounds (approximately 175.1 billion won) a year on players’ salaries. The ranking is 5th. Under Tottenham, 15 EPL clubs, including Arsenal, line up. However, compared to these 15 teams, it seems difficult to expect a positive answer when considering whether Tottenham is bringing clear game contents or results against the players’ salaries.

Tottenham are currently in 4th place in the Premier League. Grades don’t look bad. However, they have played two more games than Newcastle United in 5th place and Liverpool in 6th place. This means that rankings can change at any time. Neither the performance nor the attitude of the players can be said to be that good. Tottenham quickly caught up with two points in the previous game against Southampton and drew 3-3. Southampton is 20th in the league and 16th in total salary in the league.

Coach Conte also mentioned this. “We’re professionals. The club pays the players and me a lot of money,” Conte said at a press conference after the game against Southampton. He pointed out that Tottenham players are not showing any professionalism even though they are paid pros.

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