Tottenham’s ‘living legend’ Harry Kane transfer rumors are hot.

Tottenham this season is virtually irrelevant. They were eliminated early in the FA Cup and League Cup, and the UEFA Champions League (UCL), which was their last hope, was also eliminated in the round of 16 by AC Milan. 4th in the EPL. It is far from a championship race.

Then, the Kane transfer rumor is getting stronger. This is Kane, who has never won a championship while wearing a Tottenham uniform. Many experts and footballers are advising him to leave Tottenham to win the title.

Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and recently Real Madrid are showing interest in signing Kane.

However, it is still highly likely that Kane will remain at Tottenham. Kane’s affection for Tottenham is so great. But he can’t be relieved. If this condition is not met, it is analyzed that there is a high possibility that Kane will relentlessly declare a breakup with Tottenham. It is the right to advance to the UCL next season. In other words, you have to finish in the top 4 this season.

It is currently in 4th place, but it is precarious. Tottenham, with 48 points, is being recklessly pursued by Newcastle (47 points) in 5th place. Advancing to the UCL next season is about protecting Kane. It is an achievement that Tottenham can never miss. Tottenham will play against Southampton on the 19th in the 28th round of the EPL. This is why you must win. 안전놀이터

Tribal Football, a European professional football site, reported that “Coach Antonio Conte knows how Kane can stay.” As expected, Tottenham’s 4th place is maintained, and it is the right to advance to the UCL next season.

The media reported, “Coach Conte believes that Tottenham finish in the top four can make Kane stay at Tottenham.”

Coach Conte also said: “Being in the top four is very important for the club, the players, the manager and the fans. If you finish in the top four, you qualify for the Champions League next season. Everything can be solved simply. The best players play in the best competitions. It’s natural to want to play,” he said.

Previously, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported that “Man United are in constant contact with Tottenham legend Kane. If Tottenham comes out of fourth place this season, Manchester United are confident that they will be able to sign Kane in the summer transfer window.” have done

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