The issue of Kim Tae-ryung, the new power analyst of Suwon Samsung, which recently heated up the domestic soccer world. After voluntarily resigning, he opened his mouth to the related content.

Suwon, which has recently suffered from sluggish performance, dismissed coach Lee Byung-geun and appointed coach Kim Byung-soo. Director Kim Byung-soo made internal changes as soon as he arrived. Scout Joo Seung-jin was promoted to head coach, Jang Oh continued as first team coach and Juninyo physical coach, and second team coach Kim Joo-pyo and GK coach Shin Hwa-yong took on new roles.

There is only one name added to the coaching staff. It was Kim Tae-ryung, the power analyst. As a player at Korea University, he had a relationship with coach Kim Byung-soo, went through his professional career, and then coached after his retirement. He also worked as a commentator for various media outlets and worked for sports companies such as ‘Sports Groot’ and ‘Fit Together’. Then, he came to Suwon as a power analyst at the suggestion of director Kim Byung-soo.

The day before the first departure of Kim Byung-su. Analyst Kim Tae-ryung The issue broke out. It became controversial when an analysis article with the name of analyst Kim Tae-ryung was posted on a betting information site. The site is not illegal, but it was a huge problem for the club’s power analyst to be active. When it became known that Analyst Kim Tae-ryung had been active in the past and served as an advisor, the controversy grew out of control. The first question at the press conference with director Kim Byeong-soo, which was held prior to the Jeonbuk Hyundai War, was also about Analyst Kim Tae-ryung.

The match against Jeonbuk ended with Suwon’s 0-3 defeat. The day after the game, Kim Tae-ryung’s voluntarily resignation was announced. After that, the betting company issued an explanation. The company name is Siwon Resources Co., Ltd. Siwon Resource Co., Ltd. said, “Kim Tae-ryung served as the production team leader and left the company in 2017, and it is true that he was converted to an advisor and maintained a relationship, but he has continuously published related content.”

And he said, “The content was customarily produced by the content team, not Kim Tae-ryung, and Kim Tae-ryung was not aware of the content contained in the content.” He also bowed his head, saying, “I apologize to Suwon, soccer fans, and Kim Tae-ryung.”

‘Inter Football’ was able to hear more details in a phone call with Kim Tae-ryung, former analyst at Suwon.

– Please tell me the overall situation.

First of all, I was only in Suwon for about 4 days, but it felt too long. First of all, the clarification statement revealed by the company is the whole story. Whatever the situation, I feel very wrong. My fault is obvious. It is a big mistake and a mistake that I didn’t take care of my personal life after joining a big team called Suwon.

I am really sorry to Suwon fans. This happened at a time when the team was in a bad situation and had to make a fresh start. I’m so very sorry.

I am also very sorry to director Kim Byung-soo. Before being a director, he is a teacher. I called, but it didn’t work. I’m sorry until the last moment and I’m sorry even now.

– The biggest controversy is that I didn’t know that it was being stolen.

As I was converted to an advisor, I did not receive work orders and worked for another company. At the time, there was a lot of impersonation of various commentators. Someone informed me that I would also be an impersonator. I heard that the site I picked was going to be uploaded, so I said “not me” in my personal SNS story like other committee members. responded lightly. If you think about it now, you should think more seriously and take action later. my fault is big

What I want many people to know is that the site is not illegal like it came from some sources. Other commentators have also come out and done content. It is obviously my responsibility and my fault for not being able to organize my surroundings while feeling sorry for being highlighted like a person providing information to an illegal Toto site.

On the day of Suwon’s first match, a lot of reporters and fans came, and the first question at the pre-press conference was about me. I was so sorry to hear that, I really wanted to die. After the interview, he announced that he would voluntarily resign.안전놀이터

– There are also stories that he attended “I received all the money” and “New Year’s party at a betting site”.

He continued to receive a small advisory fee. He continued to receive monthly payments, which had nothing to do with analytical writing. I didn’t even know that there was a post with my name on it. Because the company needs the name of an industry official to receive investment, it is money received from such interests and not related to betting analysis.

Attending the New Year’s party is really misinformation. In January 2019, he joined a company called Fit Together. When I was working at Fit Together, as soon as I went there, going to a New Year’s party at the company I worked for several years ago was ridiculous and I didn’t even go. It was a pity that it spread as if it were a fact. I sincerely want to say sorry to Suwon fans once again.

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