The day of fate has dawned. The deadline for re-bidding for Manchester United in the English Premier League is the 22nd (UK time). Currently, British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe and former Qatari banker Sheikh Jasim are competing.

British media reported on the afternoon of the 22nd that Manchester United’s prospective owners are expected to return with a new offer on Wednesday.

Originally, Manchester United’s sale bid had already ended on the 17th of last month. However, it failed to meet the sale price set by the current owner, the Glazer family. Although never made public, Sir Ratcliffe is said to have offered a price below £4.5 billion.

In comparison, Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Tana, chairman of the bank, reportedly paid 5 billion pounds (approximately 7.82 trillion won).

The bidding amount between the two fell short of the £6 billion the Glazer family, which owns Manchester United, wanted. So, the Rainier Group, which is in the process of selling, gave other investors, including the two, the opportunity to adjust the bid amount again.

Skia News expected up to eight groups to place bids before Wednesday’s deadline. However, I predicted that it would be a two-way match between Sheikh Jasim and Sir Ratcliffe. 안전놀이터

The key to the second bid is whether or not to bet the £6 billion that the Glazer family is holding onto. The side offering £6 billion is expected to take over Manchester United.

Qatari and British billionaires are fed up with the Glazer family’s weighing. Last week, I personally visited Manchester United and listened to the briefing session.

Experts analyzed that Sir Ratcliffe preached at this meeting that he had a comparative advantage over Qatari bankers based on his experience in running a sports club. Sir Ratcliffe has had French first division side Nice since 2019. Another elite event is also running.

Unfortunately, Sir Ratcliffe says he will not offer the 6 billion pounds the Glazers want. That there is an ‘upper limit’.

On the other hand, Seikh Jasim has the upper hand in money. Qatari representatives said they had “very productive conversations” when visiting Manchester United. It is said that they will offer at least £5.5 billion, which is close to what the Glazers want, not just £5 billion. He intends to spend at least 800 billion won. In the end, the Glazer family earned close to 1 trillion won more by pushing and pushing for a month.

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