Daegu Korea Gas Corporation started to renovate the club.

They are accelerating the reorganization of the team by deciding to cut the operating cost of the basketball team by 20% compared to the previous season. In addition to this, there are rumors that the club’s leadership and coaching staff are highly likely to change. An official from the club said on the 17th, “It is true that we are reviewing various things because we need renewal. Nothing has been decided yet,” he said.

Gas Corporation has played two seasons since it was launched by taking over the electronic land professional basketball team. In the 2021-2022 season, they finished the regular league in 6th place and made it to the playoffs. However, in the 2022-2023 season, it ranked 9th with 18 wins and 36 losses. Prior to the start of the season, Lee Dae-sung was recruited in a cash trade and he invested 600 million won, but he did not spare any clear results.

A bigger problem than grades is that KOGAS talked a lot in the process of appointing club executives. In the first year of taking over the basketball team, KOGAS appointed former WKBL president Shin Shin-woo as general manager. Last year, Lee Min-hyeong, former head coach of Korea University, was appointed as the general manager through open recruitment.

However, the seniority of the two executives made them tilt their heads. A question mark has been put on whether a team with a veteran coach at the helm needs a general manager. There was a prevailing view that the appointment of the general manager was due to the academic ties and delays of the former president, who concurrently served as the owner of Gas Corporation. It is known that during the process of appointing the general manager, the general manager and the director acted as interviewers. As a result, it had to be suspected that academic ties and regional ties were intertwined with the screening results. The former owner, general manager, and general manager all graduated from the same high school.토토사이트

Immediately after the end of the regular season in the 2022-2023 season, rumors circulated in the basketball world that Gas Corporation would make major changes to the club’s leadership and coaching staff. But still nothing has been decided. However, it does not seem that it has been decided to play the next season with the current system. It is said that KOGAS, which does not have enough budget for the club, is unable to make a decision because the contract period of executives and coaching staff is not small. Attention is focusing on whether KOGAS, which declared a renewal of the club, will choose a drastic change.

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