The ‘defending champion’ Blue One Resort defeated SK Rent-A-Car and won two consecutive victories in the opening season, rising to the top of the league at the beginning of the PBA Team League season.

Blue One Resort On the 4th, in the match on the 2nd day of the first round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-24’ held at the ‘Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Blue One Resort won a set score 4-3 after a full set match against SK Rent-a-Car. 2 wins in a row were successful.먹튀검증

As a result, Blue One Resort rose to a tie for first place (4 points) with Hana Card (1 win, 1 loss) due to the rule that 2 points are given for winning a full set game.

On the first day of the first round, Blue One Resort, which won after a full set with its rival Welcome Savings Bank, had David Zapata (Spain), Throng Piavi (Cambodia), Eom Sang-pil, and Chan Chapak (Turkiye).

Zapata and Eom Sang-pil won 11-6 (3 innings) over Ngo Dinh Nai (Vietnam) and Eddie Leppens (Belgium) in the first set, and Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young defeated Kang Ji-eun and Hida Orie (Japan) 0-9 in the second set. (5 innings) With the loss, in the third set, Zapata faced a crisis as he lost 2-15 to Kang Dong-gung in 3 innings.

In the 4th set, after Kang Min-gu and Throng defeated Jo Joon-hwi and Kang Ji-eun 9-3 (4 innings), Kang Min-gu returned to the repens 9-11 (3 innings) in the 5th set. However, in the 6th set, Piabi won Hida 9-5 (11 innings), and in the last 7 sets, Chapak overcame Ngo Dinh Nai 11-7 (5 innings) to achieve a victory.

Other teams foreshadowed future chaos as they performed contrary to the first day of the first round. After taking a break the day before, NH Nonghyup Card beat the ‘new team’ SY with a set score of 4-0 thanks to Jo Jae-ho and Kim Min-ah’s two wins each.

Hana Card, which lost after a close match with SY the previous day, defeated Crown Haetae, who won the previous day, with a set score of 4-2, reported its first victory of the season, and rose to a tie for first place with 3 points. ‘Vietnamese Express’ Nguyen Quoc Nguyen and ‘Billiards Empress’ Ga-young Kim, who won two wins side by side, shone.

High1 Resort, which was defeated by Crown Haetae the previous day, also won against Huons with a set score of 4-2 that day, making the first victory of the season sound. Lee Mi-rae and Yong Hyun-ji contributed to the team’s victory by winning two wins each in singles and doubles. It was a disappointing game for Huons, who gave up all the doubles sets.

On the 5th, the 3rd day of Round 1, starting at 12:00 noon between Welcome Savings Bank and SK Rent-A-Car, NH Nonghyup Card – Crown Haitai (3:00 pm), Blue One Resort – High1 Resort (6:00 pm) Hana Card – Huons (10 p.m.) The match continues. SW has a day off.

Meanwhile, PBA sells tickets to watch team league games being held at the ‘Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium’. Tickets can be purchased online (Interpark Ticket) and on-site.

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