Jang Ha-na (31), a veteran golfer with 20 victories in her career, is going through an ordeal. Jang Ha-na played in 5 games on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this season and failed to finish a single one. He missed the cut in four contests, and withdrew in one. Including last year, he missed the cut in 15 consecutive competitions. At the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, which ended on the 30th of last month, he was eliminated after recording a total of 24 over par with 83 strokes in the first round and 85 strokes in the second round.

This is a disastrous result for Jang Ha-na, who is considered one of the most talented players in Korean women’s professional golf. Her record is also disastrous. Jang Ha-na’s at-bats average this season is 81.1, and she is 120th out of 120. She also ranks last in her green hit percentage (30.8%) and her average drive shot distance (211 yards). Since she has never won a prize money, her prize money ranking is also at the bottom. Her fairway hit rate is 38.8%, second behind her.

Until 2021, Hana Jang was in a state of disarray. Her two wins that year put her in third place in the money and grand prize rankings. However, since last year, her grades have deteriorated. In 26 contests, she passed the cut in only nine. Her hit rate for her greens dropped to 102nd. She did and she fell into a deeper quagmire this year.

It doesn’t appear to be her injury. His father, Jang Chang-ho, said, “My body doesn’t hurt. He would make an excuse that he was sick when he was sick, but he wasn’t. “I tried to correct my swing last year, but things started to go wrong.”

Judging from this year’s record, in which driver distance and accuracy have dropped significantly, it is doubtful whether it is ‘ips’, a symptom of swing anxiety caused by fear of failure.

Jang Ha-na is reminiscent of a marathon runner who takes the lead from the start and runs in first place all the time. When Tiger Woods came to Korea in 2004, the player he praised was Jang Ha-na. Jang Ha-na, an elementary school student at the time, hit a long hit close to 250 yards and showed a sensuous short game. He was number one from a young age and has been a top runner ever since.

Jang Hana became a pro in 2010 when she was 18 years old. From the following year, he played as a star player on the KLPGA 1st division tour. In 2013, he won 3 wins and became the number one player on the KLPGA Tour, and also won 5 wins on the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour. Even after returning to Korea in 2017, he did not miss the top spot.

However, running in first place for a long time in sports has side effects. He has to face the headwind all alone. In a marathon, a pacemaker adjusts the pace and blocks the wind in front.

Jang Ha-na received a hot spotlight from a young age, took on the burden of being number one, and ran first place for nearly 20 years without a pacemaker. Jang Ha-na is clearly tired. Is it the body or the mind?

Jang Hana is 31 years old. He is one of the oldest players on the KLPGA tour, but his nickname is ‘The Energizer’. His stamina does not appear to be a major problem. Jang Ha-na’s father is a speed skater, and his mother is a basketball player. When Jang Ha-na was young, she did skating, kendo, and swimming. He also has good motor skills.메이저사이트

He is a big player, and it is difficult to understand that Jang Ha-na, who has won many championships, is at the bottom of the list.

It could be a mental illness. Prof. Lee Jong-cheol, who teaches golf mentality, said, “If it is a technical problem, it is doubtful that he has lost the sense of using the head in the process of changing the swing. If it’s a matter of the heart, it’s a loss of faith. He is a player who has won 20 times, so if he believes in himself, he can overcome it surprisingly easily.”

His father Mr. Jang said, “Hana is still cheerful these days. He tells them to believe that good grades will come soon. It will get better soon,” he said. Fans are also looking forward to seeing the hot Jang Ha-na ceremony again.

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