The major league active race for the most wins is heating up.

The most interesting thing about what happened in the major leagues on the 11th (hereafter Korean time) is that the 1st and 4th places with the most active wins have accumulated multipliers side by side. Justin Verlander (40, New York Mets) recorded 245 wins, and Clayton Kershaw (36, LA Dodgers) recorded 203 wins.

Verlander earned his first win of the season with 2 hits, 7 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 7 innings against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Verlander’s victory is seven months after the Philadelphia Phillies match (5 innings, 10 hits, 1 walk, no runs) on October 5, 2022, when he was with the Houston Astros.

Verlander wore a Mets uniform for two years and $86.66 million ahead of this season. With an annual salary of $43.33 million, he tied for first place in the major leagues with Max Scherzer (39). He broke the $40 million AAV mark for the first time ever. However, ahead of this season, he was placed on the injured list due to inflammation of the teres major muscle. His debut match with the Mets skipped April and took place on the 5th against his parent Detroit Tigers.

That day, he threw well with 5 hits, 5 strikeouts, 1 walk and 2 runs in 5 innings, but became a losing pitcher. Although it has become unholy, Verlander still sprinkles a fastball in the mid to high 90s. On this day, he was still in Cincinnati. He picked up the multiplier by pitching cleaner than before against Detroit.

With this victory, Verlander has 245 wins in his personal career, along with victories against all clubs in his career. 52nd overall, along with Dennis Martinez and Jack Powell. Among active pitchers, he is by far the number one. This is the first season of his two-year contract, and if he continues to pitch without getting sick until next year, more wins are likely. Of course, 300 wins, which were only allowed for 24 previous players, seems unreasonable.

Rather, we should pay attention to the 2nd and 3rd place races with the most active wins. This is Clayton Kershaw, who won 6 wins (2 losses) of the season with 5 hits, 8 strikeouts and 1 run in 7 innings in an away game against the Milwaukee Brewers held at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA that day. With the victory, Kershaw tied for the most wins in the National League. A total of 203 wins.

Originally, he is a pitcher who does his part well enough when healthy, but his pace this season looks the best after coming down from his prime. At this pace, 15 wins doesn’t seem impossible. In fact, it is true that Kershaw, who is four years younger than Verlander, seems to have an advantage in terms of cumulative multiplier. Durability is also an issue for Kershaw, but assuming he plays until the age of 40, the 250 win seems easy.토스카지노

In addition, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Max Scherzer (New York Mets), who was closed due to a recent injury. Now, Kershaw and Scherzer are tied for third place with the most active wins. While Kershaw won 6 wins this season, Scherzer only added 2 wins. It is not the same as before with an average ERA of 5.56 with 2 wins and 2 losses in 5 games this season. Scherzer is 39 years old, so he seems to have less time to play than Kershaw.

Zack Greinke (40, Kansas City Royals) is not as good as Scherzer. With a total of 224 wins, he is the second most active player. However, in the long run, the possibility of being chased by Kershaw increased. Greinke is showing signs of aging with an average ERA of 5.18 with 1 win and 4 losses in 8 games this season.

In the end, it is highly likely that Kershaw will widen the gap with Scherzer in the long term starting from this day, and at some point it is likely to target Greinke and Verlander in turn. In the long run, it is highly likely that the current most wins ranking will be adjusted by Kershaw. For Kershaw, who recently signed a one-year contract with the Dodgers for two consecutive years, the future contract period and destination are of interest. Greinke’s contract with Kansas City is for this season, and Ballander and Scherzer’s contract with the Mets is until next year.

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