Team Choi Kyung-ju and Choo Seong-hoon won the most prize money at the ‘SK Telecom Charity Open with American Express’.

SK Telecom Charity Open with American Express was held as an event competition a day before the opening of ‘SK Telecom Open 2023’, which will open on the 18th.

The players form two teams of two each, and each group stakes 20 million won in prize money to play the skins game.

Park Seong-hyun and Kim Bio team won 13.5 million won, and Kim Ha-neul and Choi Na-yeon won 11.5 million won.

Choi Kyung-joo and Choo Seong-hun paired with Choi Kyung-joo’s birdie on the last hole to win one more hole, winning 17.5 million won, while Park Ji-eun and Lee Dae-ho’s pair won 7.5 million won.

Choi Kyung-ju contributed to the biggest prize money by catching her birdie on her last hole, which cost 10 million won.카지노사이트

The prize money is supported by the Korea Golf Association for the Intellectually Disabled under each player’s name and used to hold the ‘SK Telecom Adaptive Open’ tournament.

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