Doosan native ace Kwak Bin (25) was diagnosed with a back sprain on the 8th and was canceled from the first team entry. It is a major bad news that came amid the recent search for starting pitchers. Despite the sluggish batting line and sluggish bullpen, it is Doosan that even the starting team, which played a role in supporting the team’s performance, is shaking recently.

It is not yet known when Kwak Bin will return. Doosan said, “We will decide on a later schedule according to the recovery trend.”

Kwak Bin started against LG in Jamsil the previous day, but was unable to complete two innings and came off the mound complaining of back pain. As foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle (registered name Dylan) made his first start of the season on the 4th after overcoming a head injury, the psychological blow was even greater as the starting lineup was getting closer.

Even before the match against LG, Kwak Bin had 6 runs (3 ERA) in 30.2 innings in 5 starts, recording an average ERA of 0.88, and was the best pitcher in the league. However, in the match against LG, the pitching position and pitching were not the same as before. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop expected Kwak Bin to handle 6-7 innings, but he left the worst record this season with 1.1 innings and 6 runs. The effect of his back pain was great.

Doosan maintained the most stable starting rotation in the league without Dillon for a month in April. Raul Alcantara and Kwak Bin put up a powerful one-two punch, and Kim Dong-ju and Choi Seung-yong, who were in charge of the 4th and 5th starters, played well beyond expectations. Choi Won-jun, who won more than 10 consecutive wins in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, also showed off his skills in the middle of the rotation.

However, the solid Doosan starting lineup has recently been faltering. Choi Won-joon collapsed with 6 runs (5 earned) in 4 innings against SSG on the 29th of last month. Kim Dong-joo came off the mound after 3.1 innings, showing a sudden loss of control against Hanwha on the 3rd. Dylan, who started on the 4th, was also sluggish with 5 runs (5 earned) in 4 innings. Even considering that it was his first start of the season after returning from injury, regrets remained. Here, even Gwak Bin leaves, and the anxiety is inevitable.

Doosan has yet to find a corner to lean on other than the starting lineup. The team’s OPS of 0.677 (7th in the league) is showing no sign of recovery. The bullpen hunting that has continued since the beginning of the season is also continuing. Doosan relievers’ WAR (contribution to victory versus substitutes based on stats) totaled 0.36, which is the lowest in the league.스포츠토토

As Gwak Bin was canceled from the first team entry, Doosan was forced to endure for at least 10 days without a native ace. The team’s record was 13 wins and 14 losses, and the win rate fell below 50%. Doosan, which greeted the new season with enthusiasm by appointing head coach Lee Seung-yeop as the new coach after falling to 9th place last season, was put to the test in the early stages.

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