“I don’t know if it will work, but I have a plan to deal with Holloway, whom I’ve seen since 10 years ago.”

In June 2021, Chansung Jung (36, Korean Zombie MMA) said in hopes of a confrontation with Max Holloway (32, USA). The ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-seong Jeong has long wanted to hunt Holloway.

Holloway defeated Arnold Allen (29, England) by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46, 48-47). Holloway stopped Allen’s 13-fight winning streak and won his 23rd MMA career (7 losses).

After the match, Holloway made more interesting comments than the match. When asked about the possibility of a match against Jeong Chan-sung, he replied, “I am the only player of the same era who has not fought.”

He said, “I grew up watching Chan-sung Jeong’s game,” and “I don’t know how I didn’t fight him. He is one of the players I really want to fight.”

In fact, Jung Chan-sung wanted a confrontation with Holloway from before. After defeating Dan Ige (32, USA) in June 2021, he hoped for a match with Holloway if it was not a title match. At the time, he said, “Halloway’s punches have no power,” and “My fists have power. I can win,” he threw a challenge.

Even after that, he said of Holloway, “I was a player who wanted to fight someday.” “I don’t know if he will work, but I have a plan to deal with him, whom I have seen since 10 years ago.”

The former UFC featherweight champion, Holloway, is currently ranked #2. He was higher than Chan-sung Jeong (6th), so the reason for the confrontation was not great. However, as Holloway directly called Chan-sung Jeong, the possibility of a head-to-head confrontation increased.

Chansung Jung also responded right away. On the 18th, he posted on his YouTube channel, “As soon as the match between Holloway and Allen was over, I told my American agency that I wanted to fight one of the two fighters at the end of the year. I heard that you hope for It burned right away,” he recalled.

He said, “I don’t know what people will think, but now, rather than winning, I want to fight the opponent I want to fight.” 안전놀이터

In addition, “Many fans say, ‘Zombies lose big’, but I’m not really afraid. “I don’t think I will regret it even if I lose really big. I feel that ‘this is why I do martial arts’,” he added.

Jeong Chan-seong said, “The UFC unconditionally welcomes players wanting to fight each other,” and said, “I think it was judged that it was not a match that made no sense.” He continued, “I said, ‘I wish we could have a match in Korea,’ but he said, ‘It is very difficult to set a date.

Jung Chan-sung, in his mid-thirties, is in the twilight of his career as a player. He plans to paint future paintings through the exhibition of Holloway.

Jeong Chan-seong said, “Since Holloway is a top-notch player, I wonder how good I am. I want to see my skills,” he said, expressing excitement, saying, “There are many people who are worried, but on the contrary, I am rekindling a fire in my heart.” He said, “I feel that I am active and a UFC fighter.

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