A scene that could not be seen even in amateur football came out in La Liga, the first division in Spain.

Real Madrid lost 0-1 to Valencia in the 35th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at Mestaya, Valencia, Spain on the 22nd (Korean time). Real Madrid, who have already won the title, are in third place with 71 points. 2nd place Atletico Madrid has 72 points.

In the 25th minute of the second half when Real was trailing 0-1, a scene came out that I couldn’t believe even if I saw it with my own eyes. It was as Real striker Vinicius Junior broke through the left flank past Valencia wingman Dimitri Fulchie. The ball Vinicius was driving was hit by another ball and went out.

It’s a difficult thing to do in a professional game. A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball while in play. Vinicius and the Real players ran to the referee and protested vehemently. Valencia home fans cheered.

What is the English language? Replays revealed that there were two balls on the ground. In the previous scene, Real’s shot went to the Valencia crowd, and the Valencia goalkeeper received the ball from the ball boy and developed a goal kick. A Valencia crowd belatedly threw the ball into the ground, but no one saw it.

And in the ensuing situation, Vinicius dribbled. At this time, Valencia central defender Eray Kumart kicked the rolled ball to Vinicius. hit exactly As the ball collided with the ball, Vinicius’ dribble was stopped.

The referee cautioned Kumart. Real Madrid awarded a free kick. Real launched a free kick where Vinicius fell. It didn’t result in a goal. In the end, Real lost 0-1.메이저사이트

Another issue arose at the end of the second half. Valencia home fans made racist remarks towards Vinicius, saying, “You son of a monkey!” Vinicius got excited and pointed at Valencia home fans. Players from both teams ran to stop Vinicius. A physical fight ensued in the process, and Vinicius was sent off.

It was a crazy game. Due to the Valencia defender’s immoral behavior (hit the ball with the ball) and the inhumane racist behavior of Valencia’s home fans, the game became a mess. Vinicius held up 2 of his fingers as he exited the arena. Then, he shouted, “Get demoted to the second division.”

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