“You just don’t have to repeat the same failure.”바카라

This is what Lotte pitching coach Bae Young-soo said about Barnes, a foreign pitcher.

Failure means Barnes’ four-day rotation. At the beginning of last year, Lotte rotated Barnes on the 4th. The reason was that it was a familiar rotation in the United States.

The result was a fiasco. Barnes had the best April ever, but the pace started to drop.

There was an analysis that Barnes’ pitching form and pitching pattern were read, but there was also an analysis that the physical burden brought on by the rotation on the 4th had a considerable effect.

Barnes rode a rollercoaster last year. Looking at the monthly average ERA, a number came out that was sufficiently conscious of the physical burden.

In April, he won 5 games and recorded an ERA of 0.65.

As a left-hander, Korean hitters have not been able to properly cope with the rare three-quarter pitching form and the deception action that comes out after hiding the ball all the way. It literally bombed the league.

Lotte made such Barnes pitch after a 4-day break. It was a measure to force him to play even one more game.

In the beginning, Pace was the strongest pitcher. Lotte stayed at the top of the table with Barnes’ counterattack. However, it did not take long to reveal its limitations. Lotte also started to fall together.

The average earned run point soared to 4.29 in May, and barely passed in June with 4.34. It wasn’t until mid-June that Lotte stopped playing after Barnes’ 4-day break.

And in September, the last month, his earned run average soared to 7.23. During this period, he won only 1 win (2 losses).

However, Lotte renewed the contract with Barnes without much trouble. This is because Barnes’ sluggishness was judged to be due to the decrease in physical strength caused by the turn on the 4th in the first half.

He concluded that if he could manage his stamina, he could reproduce the explosive pitch he showed in April.

And at the Guam spring camp, Barnes proved that Lotte’s judgment was not wrong.

Coach Bae Young-soo said, “I have prepared really well. I can’t reveal it yet, but I’ve even added a new weapon myself. He is also working hard to adapt. He has experienced a lot of foreign players, but he doesn’t seem to have seen a player who moves on his own like Barnes. As long as he manages his stamina well, he seems to be able to perform well this season as well.”

The recruitment of free agent pitcher Han Hyeon-hee and the decision that the starting rotation was further strengthened compared to last year were also reasons for raising the level of trust in Barnes.

It could be the sluggishness brought about by Barnes’ adaptation to his pitching form and pattern. Is there any burden on this? If this is the case, Lotte can struggle from the early race. In Lotte’s 2023 plan, Barnes is positioned as an unwavering second starter.

However, Coach Bae said, “Even if he adapts to his form, he is a pitcher with good pitches, so I think he can overcome it. He’s not a powerful player simply because he throws in unfamiliar form. He is such a good pitcher to have. He believes that he can show good form with a one-two punch with Strayley,” he explained.

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