Coach Yoo Hoon, who came out of the tunnel of 9 consecutive losses, wanted confidence and focus on the game from the players.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation,카지노사이트 led by coach Yoo Do-hoon, won 89-66 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league away game against Seoul Samsung held at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 18th. KOGAS, which reported victory after a long time, escaped the nightmare of a long 9-game losing streak.

In the second quarter, when Samsung failed to make even one 3-point shot out of 7, KOGAS increased the score to 21 points with outside catchers Cho Sang-yeol, Lee Dae-heon and Jeon Hyun-woo. In the fourth quarter, Samsung belatedly pursued with a 73-64, 9-point lead thanks to Daralle Willis’ inside attack and Chang Min-guk, Lee Jung-hyun, and Kim Si-rae’s 3-point shots.

After the game, coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “The defense in the first and second quarters went well. However, when he was winning by a large score, he was shaken for a while as his goal-making ability fell again. When I was shaken, Lee Dae-sung was released today, but I hope that other players will attack the opponent’s weak point with confidence. I ended my losing streak, but I will prepare well because there is a back-to-back match tomorrow,” he said in his general review of the game.

Regarding Jo Sang-yeol, who was injured during the rebound competition with Anthony Moss during the second quarter, “It doesn’t seem like a big injury because he was stepped on, but he said he would be difficult to play, so he replaced it. He plans to check again,” he explained.

Although he escaped from a losing streak, the gas corporation had a red light to escape from a losing streak in the 4th quarter. The fourth quarter started with a 21-point lead, but allowed Samsung to chase by 9 points in 5 minutes.

Regarding this, coach Yoo said, “Mistakes in shooting under the goal are things that can be made if you take your time. There is nothing I can do as a manager except for replacing players, but I think it is a skill to overcome such a situation. It is an opportunity to raise their values ​​and skills.”

Regarding ending the losing streak, “I am looking forward to (of a reversal of the atmosphere). I want the players to focus more on the court,” he said, hoping to renew the atmosphere of the team.

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