The injury of Lee Jeong-hoo토토사이트 (25, Kiwoom Heroes) was a hot topic of interest not only in the Korean KBO league but also in the United States. While noting that he will not be able to come out for three months due to his ankle surgery, he still predicted that a major league (ML) contract would be possible.

On the 11th (Korean time),, the official homepage of the Major League Baseball, said, “Korean baseball star Lee Jung-hoo is still expected to sign with the Major League team this winter despite a left ankle injury that could end the season in the KBO League Kiwoom Heroes.” .

On the 22nd of last month, Lee Jung-hoo suffered pain in his left ankle while defending in the bottom of the 8th inning against the Lotte Giants and was replaced. As a result of cross-examination at multiple hospitals, he was diagnosed with damage to his left ankle extensor belt (membrane surrounding the ankle tendon) and was discharged on the 29th after surgery on the 27th. According to the Kiwoom club, it will take three months for him to rehabilitate. Therefore, as he is expected to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games next month, as well as out of the season, the news of Lee Jung-hoo’s injury has made the Korean baseball world hear.

Attention was focused on whether or not he would advance to the major leagues. After finishing last season and discussing with the Kiwoom club, Lee Jung-hoo officially announced that he had challenged the major leagues through the posting system after the 2023 season. At the beginning of this year, it appointed famous agent Scott Boras (71) as an agent for the US side.

There was an opinion that the injury did not hinder his advancement to the major leagues. A major league scout said in a phone call with Star News after Lee Jung-hoo’s injury, “Nothing will change much. Lee Jung-hoo has already shown all of his skills to scouts. This injury did not directly injure ligaments, so it will greatly affect the evaluation. It’s not the same,” he said personally.

However, this is the first time that has paid attention to Lee Jung-hoo’s injury and confirmed his potential. said, “Lee Jung-hoo, who turns 25 this month, is a center fielder known for his outstanding contact skills. His team, Kiwoom, has announced that he will advance to the major leagues after this season.” At the same time, a recommendation from Brooks Rayleigh (35, New York Mets), who was famous as Lee Jung-hoo’s natural enemy during the KBO League, was also included. While playing for Lotte from 2015 to 2019, Rayleigh did not hit a single hit in 17 at-bats against Lee Jung-hoo.

“Lee Jung-hoo is a great player,” said Rayleigh. did not hesitate to praise

Another American media, Blitzernation, also said, “Lee Jung-hoo suffered an ankle injury that is expected to be out of the season, but whatever exactly the injury was, it had no effect (on his advancement to the major leagues).” I don’t know if there is, but they’ve been watching Lee Jung-hoo all along. In a situation where it’s difficult to be sure if they can sign a long-term contract with Cody Bellinger, they might be looking at Lee Jung-hoo seriously.”

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