Manny Machado (San Diego) didn’t even finish preparing to hit, but he ate one strike and went in. Now in the major leagues, this could happen anytime. This is because of the pitch clock rule that was introduced in the minor leagues and led to the major leagues.

On the 25th (Korean time), Machado started as the second batter and third baseman in the Cactus League exhibition game against the Seattle Mariners held at Peoria Stadium in Arizona, USA. Leading batter Zander Bogatz was caught with a floating ball by center fielder and there was no runner. Machado entered the plate as usual and received a ‘penalty’. The referee pointed to his wrist and declared a strike.

It was a pitch clock violation. The major leagues introduced pitch clock, shift limit, and extended base rules from this year. Among these, the pitch clock is a regulation that limits speed-ups for both pitchers and hitters.메이저놀이터

The pitcher must begin throwing within 15 seconds if there are no runners and within 20 seconds if there is a runner. If violated, the ball goes up immediately without warning. Batters are also obliged to participate in speedups. Before the pitch clock starts and there are 8 seconds left (7 seconds with runners, 12 seconds without runners), you should be ready to hit and look at the pitcher. If the time is exceeded, it is also a strike without warning.

But Machado wasn’t ready to hit until nine seconds had passed since his first at-bat. The referee immediately looked at Machado and declared an automatic strike.

It was like starting the plate with the first strike, but Machado was not taken aback. After picking out two balls from Robbie Ray, he made a left-handed hit with the ball count 2-1 advantage. The second at-bat in the third inning also recorded a hit, completing a multi-hit in just two at-bats.

In addition to the pitch clock, the local relay team clearly pointed out this point when a situation related to rule revision came out. In the 3rd inning, when Ryan Weathers checked first base for the first time during the game, he explained, “I used the first opportunity” and “after the second check, the runners can increase the lead distance.”

Kim Ha-seong, who played as the 5th batter and second baseman, finished preparing to bat according to the rules without any problems in his first at-bat. He missed an RBI opportunity as he hit a double hit to third baseman in just one out-and-out chance. San Diego is facing Seattle 0-0 until the bottom of the third inning.

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