It was confirmed on the 6th that the family of the bereaved filed an application for a temporary injunction to suspend business against the club’s under-18 (U-18) team in connection with the extreme selection of a youth player at Gimpo FC, a domestic professional football team that occurred last year.

Summing up the Segye Ilbo coverage, Mr. A (48), the father of the deceased youth player, said that the Sports Ethics Center under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism had decided to ‘request disciplinary action’ to the youth team coaches and coaches in January. submitted an application for provisional injunction to the Bucheon branch of the Incheon District Court.먹튀검증

Mr. A said, “According to the results of the Sports Ethics Center Deliberation Committee, the coaches’ verbal abuse, harassment, imposition of unstandardized penalties, and requests for disciplinary action for neglect of duties were announced through individual notifications and official press releases, but Gimpo FC did not receive any disciplinary documents directly. He said that he did not suspend his duties (such as the coaches) for not doing so, and that he was causing mental damage to the victim’s family with the extension of the contract.

He then urged, “No one who represents the team, including the leader, takes moral responsibility, and there is no apology or reflection.”

It is known that the application for provisional injunction submitted by Mr. A also included a will from Mr. A’s son, who mentioned the presumed perpetrator who harassed him through verbal violence.

Previously, last year, Gimpo FC extended the contract with the coaching staff, including two coaches of the youth team, who were identified as perpetrators of bullying in a suicide note, by one year.

It is said that the club made this decision for the purpose of joint responsibility until the results of the investigation become clear.

It is known that Mr. A also filed a claim for damages against two youth team coaches, a manager, and a club representative.

In January, the Center for Sports Ethics decided on a ‘request for disciplinary action’ against leaders and some fellow players, including the manager and coaches of the club, in relation to the extreme selection case of young players in Gimpo FC. >

The Sports Ethics Center investigated all the references three years ago and confirmed that there had been negligent management and verbal abuse by the coach. ‘ I’ve come to a decision. Along with the request for disciplinary action by the accused, the review committee also recommended improvement of the system to prevent excessive infringement of basic rights and recurrence of minor players while living in the training camp, and education to prevent human rights violations.

When the ‘request for disciplinary action’ resolution is made by the deliberation committee, the Sports Ethics Center forwards the matter to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism requests the related organization to take appropriate action since the decision to request disciplinary action has been made. However, since the Sports Ethics Center can only respond to disciplinary requests and resolutions, and does not have the authority to audit directly related organizations, it seems that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism needs active help to establish stronger sports ethics.

The Center for Sports Ethics stated that the discipline of underage players should be by ‘educational method’, and defined confiscation of mobile phones and abusive language as clear violations of human rights, furthermore taking the position that these should not be accepted as ‘practices in the sports world’. are taking

Previously, Mr. A’s son was found dead in front of the club’s youth team dormitory building in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do in April of last year. As a result of the analysis of the surrounding closed-circuit (CC) TV footage, it was confirmed that he made an extreme choice in the place where he lived at around 2 am on the day of the incident.

Apart from the decision of the Center for Sports Ethics, the investigation conducted by the Gimpo Police Station in Gyeonggi Province is still ongoing as it has been a year since the incident occurred.

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