Reporter Lee Hyeong-joo = Choi Min-jeong (24, Seongnam City Hall) knows how to shoulder the burden that weighs on her. 

The Korea Ice Skating Federation held the ‘KB Financial International Skating Union (ISU) World Short Track Championships 2023 National Team Media Day’ held at the Ice Rink Press Center in Mok-dong, Seoul on the 7th. The event was attended by Korean Skating Federation President Yoon Hong-geun and officials including the national short track team. 

The World Championship is the second largest and most prestigious event after the World Cup. The prestigious tournament, which marks its 34th anniversary with this event, will be held in Korea from the 10th to the 12th. As the event is being held in their home country, the national team players are also strengthening their will.

Choi Min-jung, the face of Korean short track speed skating, will participate in this event. She is Choi Min-jeong, who has won numerous medals, including three Olympic gold medals, 16 World Championship gold medals, and two Asian Games gold medals. I could have taken a break because it was the season after the Olympics, but I did my best to prepare based on the sense of responsibility I felt as a signboard for short track speed skating on the stage held in Korea.

Choi Min-jung said, “In fact, after the Beijing Olympics, I thought I would have a lot of time to rest (due to my physical condition). However, since the World Championships were scheduled to be held in Korea in 2023, I thought it was an honorable and important opportunity. I did my best for this. Because of that, I will do my best to show you a good image.”  바카라사이트

Regarding the event held in Korea, he said, “First of all, I know that it is the first time in 7 years that it has been held in Korea, and that it is the first time since the Pyeongjang Olympics. All athletes have a sense of responsibility and are preparing as carefully as possible. I am doing my best. I also returned home and recovered well.” 

The fact that Choi Min-jung is the star of short track means that it acts as a burden that weighs on him at the same time. When asked if he felt any pressure, he said, “Actually, the importance of individual events has increased since the overall championship system was abolished from this year. I always felt a sense of pressure while playing all the competitions and playing for a long time. Like Gilly Kim and Gunhee Kim, who are here now. I like being able to play with good juniors. Personally, my goal is to show a better game than good juniors rather than performing well.” 

Lastly, when asked if she prepared a special celebration, Choi Min-jung said, “I’m not the type to make a celebration intense. It’s good to do a celebration coolly. I think showing good performance is my own better celebration.” “he added. 

Korea’s signature Choi Min-jung once again sets out to wave the Taegeukgi after winning the prize. As he worked through the burdens weighing down on him.

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