The mocked super ace. Chris Sale (34, Boston Red Sox) was confident of a comeback once again. 

Sale pitched the bullpen on the 16th (Korean time)온라인카지노 at his team’s spring camp in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. He started baseball normally in February, recording a total of 35 pitches. He, who has become synonymous with the ‘glass body’, said, “It took a long time to get here (normally digesting the bullpen pitching on the first day of camp). A lot has happened not only to himself but also to the people around him. Thank you for having another chance with them. do,” he said. 

Sale has been plagued with injuries almost the entire time since August 2019. His starting point was the elbow (left), which was a chronic injury site for pitchers. He eventually underwent ligament splicing surgery. He even returned to play in the second half of the 2021 season and played 9 games. But the nightmare came again. He suffered a right rib stress fracture before the start of the 2022 season, and on July 18, the second appearance of his return, against the New York Yankees, his left little finger was fractured by opposing hitter Aaron Hicks. In early August, while he was undergoing rehabilitation treatment, he suffered a fracture of his right wrist while riding a bicycle and had to undergo surgery again. 

Sale is a pitcher with a brilliant career to be ridiculed. He made his debut with the Chicago White Sox in the 2010 season and won 17 games in the 2012 season, which was his third year. He was also a strikeout machine with more than 200 strikeouts in 7 consecutive seasons (2013-2019). He won the strikeout king only twice (2015 and 2017 seasons). He moved to Boston and won 17 wins in the 2017 season as well, and the following year (2018) recorded 12 wins and an average ERA of 2.11, leading Boston to win the World Series. Sale is such a pitcher. 

Seil, who was firmly united with pride and confidence, seems to have lost his temper. I’m just grateful to be able to throw the ball on the mound again. “I enjoy running, doing PFP (Pitchers Fielding Practice), bullpen (pitching) day, and just doing normal training,” he said. Sale also said, “I am grateful for every moment, every day given.” He seemed to be well aware that his career had faded as he spent a long rehabilitation period.

Boston’s starting lineup is weak. It is at the bottom of the most competitive American League (AL) East Division. Nick Pivetta, Cory Kluber, James Paxton, and Garrett Whitlock cannot guarantee more than 15 wins. Sale is still Boston’s most famous starting pitcher. 

Boston and Sale’s contract still has two more years left. 2025 has a club option ($20 million). It’s only been two years since Sale shined in Boston. Sale said, “A player who pitches in more than 30 games, plays 200 innings (based on a single season) and wins, I will try to move forward for this.” 

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