Rashford started his football career at Manchester United, where he made his professional debut. Rashford, who challenged the world’s best league called the English Premier League (EPL) at the age of 10, was evaluated as a player who will lead the future of Manchester United with a compliant performance. Rashford, who is 25 years old but has already been in his 8th year of professional debut, has not always been at the top level, but has been playing as the core of the team since coach Eric Ten Haag took over.

Manchester United are trying to reorganize their team around Rashford. A number of players have been recruited since Ten Hag took the helm, and many things have changed both inside and outside the game, but I think there is still a long way to go. As this season is Ten Haag’s first season as manager, more things are expected to happen next season. Even in a turbulent situation, Manchester United and manager Ten Haag are trying to protect Rashford. 먹튀검증

Ten Haag said: “Rashford is improving and he is giving 100 per cent of his energy. I think he can use his abilities to the fullest at United. “I can give, and Rashford himself knows this. Rashford is an important player for us and we need him to succeed.”

As much as it is, you can know that rashford is currently in charge of man utd. Rashford is responsible for most of Manchester United’s goals by going up and down the front and on the side. He is showing the best performance among Manchester United players this season, scoring 9 goals in the league alone and becoming the top scorer for Manchester United, and recently setting a record for goals in 9 consecutive home matches.

It is important for him to renew his contract as soon as possible. Rashford’s contract now has 18 months left. Currently, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is showing interest in Rashford again following last season, so the priority is to block PSG’s interest and make Rashford sign a contract. The urgent side is Man United.

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