Tucci, a strong defender of Gangwon FC in the professional football K League 1, has changed his registered name.바카라

Gangwon said on the 19th that Tucci changed its registered name and will play the remaining games with a new mindset. Tucci is a Montenegrin national central defender who was signed through the transfer window this summer.

On the 18th, Gangwon changed the registered name of Tuchi to ‘Kang Tuji’. ‘Kangtooji’ was created by adding ‘gang’ to mean ‘strong’ and ‘become a son of Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province’ to ‘fighting spirit’ similar to Tucci’s name. Kang Tu-ji hits the ground with a new name.

CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “I thought it would be nice if you could protect the back door of Gangwon FC with a fighting spirit on the ground, but after hearing the explanation, Tucci readily accepted. He said, “I hope that he will wear a new name and become a legend player of Gangwon FC.”

Kang Tu-ji said, “I am happy that I have a special Korean name. I like what it means to be strong. I will repay the fans with a game that is strong and full of fighting spirit, just like the name.”

Meanwhile, Gangwon will play the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 24 home game against Suwon Samsung at 7:30 pm on the 22nd at Gangneung Sports Complex.

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