No one can guarantee that they will board. The curtain on infinite competition has risen. Short but intense, so the door to the more important 2 nights and 3 days has been opened.

Head coach Hwang Seon-hong’s Korean national under-24 (U-24) team will hold convocation training at Paju NFC from the 15th to the 17th. Coach Hwang said, “My plan is to call up all year round. The K-League is very competitive. It is difficult to call up outside the A match window. Thankfully, the coaches gave me a good opportunity. Although it is short, it will be a good time to share tactics with the players. It seems,” he said.

All 27 players who joined this time are K-leagues. Most of them went to the Qatar away evaluation match as members of the U-24 and U-22 national teams in March. Head coach Hwang said, “Players who are overseas have problems selecting their teams. I have been to Japan. I plan to go to Europe as well. I plan to go and meet with the club officials and discuss them. “I had a discussion with Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of national team A. At the moment, things have been sorted out. Communication with national team A is going on smoothly. There is a difference in position. I think we should make small concessions to form a cooperative relationship.” did. Coach Hwang said, “It’s an original team. It’s a tournament and it’s a short-term game. We plan to select players who can go towards one goal as one team. We have a lot of worries about the striker part. The competition is so fierce that it can’t be beat. A good performance in the K-League and a competitive edge in the team are the way to the Asian Games.”

The national team prepares for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. The tournament was originally scheduled for 2022. However, due to COVID-19, it was delayed for a year. The age of participation was also expanded to 24 years old, born in 1999. The competition is fierce as well. In particular, the midfield resources are considered the best ever.

Eom Won-sang. Photo courtesy of Korea Football Association

Photo courtesy of Lee Jae-ik = Korea Football Association
The determination of the players was also solid. Eom Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai) said, “Players in all positions, not just my position, are showing good performances. I will also show my own strengths well. I don’t know what style the coach prefers. “he said. Lee Jae-ik (Seoul E-Land) also said, “I think it’s a tournament where I can show myself again on the Asian stage. I think synergy will come if players from overseas also join. I will show everything I can do now.”메이저사이트

Coach Hwang said, “My shoulders are very heavy. If it’s a burden, it’s a burden and it’s a situation that can’t be avoided. I think it’s important to work with confidence. If we prepare well, I think there will be no shortage of competition against those teams. Depending on how we prepare and hold the competition, the competition will be different.”

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