“I want to be a player who consistently produces good results, not a sparkling player who disappears after winning once.”

‘Young Blood’ Go Gun-taek (23, Daebo Engineering & Construction) rewrote the history of the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Opening Day.

On the 16th, Go Gun-taek changed 7 birdies and 1 bogey in the final round of the DB Insurance Promi Open (total prize money of 700 million won), the opening day of the Korean Tour season, held at the Old Course (par 72, 7178 yards) at Raviever Country Club in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. reduced by 6 strokes. Veteran Park Sang-hyun (40, Dong-A Pharmaceutical), who took the challenge for a second straight victory for the first time in the history of the DB Insurance Promy Open with a final total of 20 under par, 268 strokes, beat Seo Yo-seop (27, DB Insurance), who maintained the lead within the 1st to 3rd rounds, to reach the top. .

The 20 under par is a new record that broke Maeng Dong-seop’s record for the lowest number of strokes and the most under par (19 under par, 269 strokes) in the tournament held at Daeyu Montbert CC in 2017 by one stroke. In 2019, Lee Tae-hoon won at the age of 29, and was also named as a player in his 20s who won the opening match in 4 years.

The following is a Q&A with Go Gun-taek, the winner of the DB Insurance Promi Open.

―How would you like to look back on today’s game?

I knew that seniors Seo Yo-seop and Park Sang-hyun, who were in the lead, played well. You played well today, so I couldn’t let go of my concentration. It finished well without any major mistakes. You did well from the start. I tried to be confident. He got the idea that he could compete. I thought I could do it from the 17th hole. Buddy made me more confident. The seniors always put the putter they had to put in. I think that’s a definite difference.

― This is his first win in 4 years since his debut. How do you feel about winning?

I really wanted to win this year. I can’t believe I won the opening game faster than I thought. I feel good. I made a lot of birdies, but I was lucky to hit pars without greed.

―You didn’t try 2 on the 15th hole (par 5)?

It was a distance that could be sent with wood, but today’s shots were jagged. I decided that it would be better to cut it (try 3 on). I thought I could birdie if I hit it right. Unexpectedly, I made a birdie alone, and it seems to have been the driving force behind winning.

―You are young, but you are calm and silent. is it personality?

His personality is calm. I was very nervous, but I thought I would play calmly.

―Why haven’t you won the championship in the past 3 years?

Shots and putters were all lacking. When I was in the championship, I couldn’t calm down. Every time I went to the lead, I collapsed a lot. I thought I should not make a mistake by reviving this memory.

―What did you focus on during the battery training? 메이저놀이터

I trained a lot on my shot and putt overall. I didn’t do any mind-set training. I hypnotized myself while playing. I trained in Southeast Asia or Jeju, but this year I went to the United States. I chose it because I liked the training environment. I was trying to do well. When I did it in Jeju, it was winter, so the sun went down quickly, but the time spent in the sun was long. Distance increased by 5-10m. Iron also seems to be. The coach stopped giving lessons due to circumstances, so I started training alone from January of this year.

―Next week is the Jeju tournament?

It’s a place I’ve played at Ora CC, and I think I can do it comfortably because it’s my hometown.

―What is your goal?

I can’t think of it right away, but since I won, I think I should aim for multiple wins. The goal is to win a major tournament. You must enlist after this season. It doesn’t seem too bad to go there.

-What kind of player do you want to be?

I want to become a player who consistently produces results.

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